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Greener_Fields no wind

By jj

Greener Fields v1, more green, less lag, by jj (job.joling@quicknet.nl)
Size: 16 x 20


Downloads: 3523
Manual downloads:
http://spring1.admin-box.com/downloads/spring/spring-maps/Greener_fields no wind.sd7

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10 years ago
How much of a explosion for water? o_O
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7 years ago
intresting map, @skasi thanks for linking.
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7 years ago
This looks like the trashiest map in all of ZK. No wind? No texture? No proper metal map? This is an insult to map development.
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7 years ago
You forgot "no heightmap".
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7 years ago
This is a map. There's really nothing else to say about it.
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7 years ago
That's why I prefer the original.
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7 years ago
> How much of a explosion for water? o_O
2 Tech centers in Tech Annihilation (was 1 a few month ago)

This map is not made for ZK. ZK has no makers.

Maybe convince devs that com gets 10-60 income on such maps (depends on morph level), or that we are able to build a limited ammount of mexes which make instead of extract metal.
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16 days ago
Also Lovely map
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