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Iced Coffee v4.3 Matchmaking pool

By Shadowfury333

Size: 8 x 8


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6 years ago
Update from v3, mostly for BA/XTA metal extraction, but ZK now uses metal ocnfig Lua.

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6 years ago
Congrats on your ascension into the admin host!
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6 years ago
A version of this map where amphs can go more easily in and out of the ponds would be nice.
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A version of this map where amphs and hovers can go more easily in and out of the ponds would be nice.


Well i don't mean they should be traversible everywhere, but some clearly marked ramps for entering water would be nice.
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Since we're making requests now, I'd like to see 2 or 3 metalspots in the middle-area (per each side) worth 1m/s each. While I was the one who suggested toning down the mid-metal to Shadowfury in some test version of this map, I'd prefer the aesthetic of having a few smaller metal spots in there, as opposed to none at all.
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6 years ago
Imo mid without income and only important because of the strategic logistical advantage it provides is pretty cool.

There are a lot of center-heavy maps and this is not one of them, which i like.
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6 years ago
I agree, it's cool. Perhaps I'm nitpicking, but I'd like a few small mexes just to throw a bone in there. Mexes producing 1 m/s are generally pretty bad so it wouldn't significantly change how the map plays.
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35 days ago
Good map!
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34 days ago
As small maps go, I prefer it to Altair at the moment.
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