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Mecharavaged v1.01 Featured

By Dregs

Size: 12 x 12


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2 years ago
Uploaded the correct heightmap this time. Fixes the hover-into-water ramp.

Please replace support from prior version to this one (if needed).
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
interesting concept :)

--- comments / suggestions
- add detail textures, even a simple mild noise would make it look better when zoomed in

- a bit higher contrast overall

- the collision volume for the pipes is weird. small black ones have a weird wide cylinder and the ones in the water seem to not block movement

- make the vertical cliff faces slightly less steep to avoid them looking visually jagged and all-terrain pathing issues
(smoothing the heightmap slightly could also help)

- the opaque black water is weird, looks vary widely with display mode (/water)
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2 years ago
PTrankraaar thanks for the feedback.

DNTS is a maybe if I get time. Contrast is too subjective to the individual to lose sleep over.

I'll take a closer look at the colvols at some point too, though collision was disabled deliberately because of high potential for bullshit with features like these. Properly colvol'ed features is something of a lacking resource in ZK.

I tried 3 different techniques to fix the jagged-ness ofedges, all based on reasonable assumptions about the cause, and not one actually worked in practise. It appeared that only 90 degree angles were suitable enough for the engine to render smoothly, anything else would go jagged in-engine no matter how perfectly distributed the pattern of pixels in the heightmap was. You think that making them less binary in steepness fixes this?

The water can get the same treatment Mechadansonia's got I think. I used mapinfo.lua from Mechadansonia when setting this up, but I had never manually downloaded GF's water tweaks back into my working environment so that's probably why it's the same old water. Can you tell me what about it is "weird"?
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2 years ago
Some comments:
  • The sharp walls are too sharp or the texture needs improving. The rocky ground currently bleeds up in steep cliffs in a way that looks bad.
  • The dark areas on the rocky cliffs are too dark. They become pure black without LOS, which ruins the 3Dness of the map.
  • The water seems far too dark to see amph units.
  • The map border should be subtly visible to make controlling units that go in the sea areas (as well as air units) less annoying. It is currently impossible to know where to click so a move order goes through.
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This is how the map looks on my machine. No other map has this bug.
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That's how it's meant to look CZrankpsaniac ;) Care to explain what's unique about your machine from a hardware PoV?

USrankDave[tB] offered to make alterations to this map for the time being, as I'm still super ill and completely uninvested in ZK at this time. Perhaps run it past him and see if he has the inclination to investigate, hopefully he's up for the challenge.
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12 months ago
depth of water seems to be in a sweet spot where its just too deep to shoot (whole head sticks up) but not deep enough to use their float ability, so they dont work at all
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12 months ago
Inability to hide underwater or float to shoot makes all amph suicidal against air....as i found out once.
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12 months ago
Use a cloaker.
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11 months ago
is this map not in lobpot rotation anymore? why?
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9 months ago
Unsupport and remove at request of map creator.
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