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Alphabet Siege Dry v1.20 Featured

By DavetheBrave. Adapted Terrain/Texture Generator from https://github.com/GoogleFrog/Random-Map

Procedurally Generated Map for 10-32 players -- Based on the Delta Siege Dry concept by IceXuick
Size: 20 x 12


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9 months ago
-Improved Texture for non-Potatoes (dnts)
-Fixed texture for Potatoes
-Rebalanced super mexes : maximum of 3 will spawn, and they can't be so close together anymore
-Made the heightmap slightly more random in certain directions
-Cliffs are now more zig-zaggy
-Vehicle pathable ramps are now much more common in the south starting areas
-Trees are now balanced per side
Edit: importantly, the site/lobby minimap now shows hills north and flats south
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I was promised a dry siege Bots B1304677 1 on Alphabet Siege Dry v1.20
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9 months ago
It is more interesting with some water though, maybe it just shouldn't be called Alphabet Siege Dry?
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9 months ago
I was promised a dry siege

This should be EXTREMELY rare, but I kept it as a possibility "for the random", maybe this is a mistake considering the name, not sure.
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9 months ago
This is a great new map, keep it up TB.
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5 months ago
These tend to feel more like Kappa Basin over DSD
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