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Alphabet Siege Dry v1.20 Featured

By DavetheBrave. Adapted Terrain/Texture Generator from https://github.com/GoogleFrog/Random-Map

Procedurally Generated Map for 10-32 players -- Based on the Delta Siege Dry concept by IceXuick
Size: 20 x 12


Downloads: 9693
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2 years ago
-Improved Texture for non-Potatoes (dnts)
-Fixed texture for Potatoes
-Rebalanced super mexes : maximum of 3 will spawn, and they can't be so close together anymore
-Made the heightmap slightly more random in certain directions
-Cliffs are now more zig-zaggy
-Vehicle pathable ramps are now much more common in the south starting areas
-Trees are now balanced per side
Edit: importantly, the site/lobby minimap now shows hills north and flats south
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I was promised a dry siege Bots B1304677 1 on Alphabet Siege Dry v1.20
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2 years ago
It is more interesting with some water though, maybe it just shouldn't be called Alphabet Siege Dry?
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2 years ago
I was promised a dry siege

This should be EXTREMELY rare, but I kept it as a possibility "for the random", maybe this is a mistake considering the name, not sure.
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2 years ago
This is a great new map, keep it up TB.
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2 years ago
These tend to feel more like Kappa Basin over DSD
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17 months ago
Close enough.

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17 months ago
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14 months ago
hills tend to have mexes whos metal symbol/number is way off from the mex spot itself
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14 months ago
This is something to do with recent engine change...I was supposed to make a ticket but I forgot
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This map generator is breaking my game while loading. And I strongly suspect it caused a minor damage to my HDD (had to run a repair tool to edit zero-k files and reopen the game)

People in chat commented about heavy vram needs, maybe it cause that.

Please remove it from rotation. Tried to send the auto report but not sure if it went thru

EDIT: specs
GTX 960
Ryzen 3600
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3 months ago
I Would love to play on a bigger Map.
I'm not saying this one bad or anything I've played this map many times
Also is there a way to choose how much metal is present on a map?
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3 months ago
Guess I'll unfeature while this gets figured out.
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3 months ago
I think it is extreemely, implausibly unlikely for a shader to cause such extensive damage, so i think most of this is probably a coincidence
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3 months ago
I would also rule out as a coincidence if not by it messing the file system exactly at the Zero-K folder, the disk where Zero-k resides is a 4 tera disk and the chance to hit there by chance is slim; but... this is not statistics...

For me the constant game crashing while I try to load the map, while other generators function, is a good enough reason to remove, but I'm ok with waiting more people to report.
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3 months ago
Hmm, could you paste yor logs from a crash?
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Found my report from before:

tried manually download the map (and placed in the map folder and restarted the game) to make more tests, but its not showing when I type the name in singleplayer

EDIT: important - this is not the crash that messed the hard drive, I had it around an week a go, but I didnt report because I only noticed the damage the next day
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Reading this log, i think the crash and the corruption are two separate issues

There is a bunch of interesting filesystem messages in the log before the map actually begins to load:

[t=00:00:43.641150][f=-000001] Error: [BMP::Load] invalid bitmap "unittextures/tatex/glass100.bmp" (loaded=0)

Then eventually game is stopped without any stack trace as would be usual if it was a driver crash due to exceeding vram, or any similar thing. The program is sent a "stop" signal from the OS. Sometimes this happens because of running out of RAM, idk.

VRAM is indeed low, though:
[t=00:00:00.321603] 	GPU memory  : 2048MB (total) / 149MB (available)

It would be weird if you ran out of RAM with 16gb on, but it also seems that the system has a 24gb page file??

[t=00:00:00.031561]         Hardware Config: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor              ; 16315MB RAM, 24661MB pagefile

Anyway, then Spring Recoil proceeds to shut down, and during this step it also does further interesting filesystem things:

[t=00:00:49.618555] [VFS] [SpringVFS::DeleteArchives<this=0000027d3fa110c0>(section=1)] #archives[section]=1 #files[section]=147
[t=00:00:49.618565] [VFS] 	archive=D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Zero-K\maps\AlphabetSiegev1.20.sd7 (0000027d3fbb6200)
[t=00:00:49.618691] [VFS] [SpringVFS::DeleteArchives<this=0000027d3fa110c0>(section=2)] #archives[section]=4 #files[section]=439
[t=00:00:49.618702] [VFS] 	archive=D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Zero-K\engine\win64\105.1.1-1821-gaca6f20\base\cursors.sdz (0000027d057a87d0)
[t=00:00:49.618742] [VFS] 	archive=D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Zero-K\engine\win64\105.1.1-1821-gaca6f20\base\spring\bitmaps.sdz (0000027d057a8eb0)
[t=00:00:49.618774] [VFS] 	archive=D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Zero-K\engine\win64\105.1.1-1821-gaca6f20\base\maphelper.sdz (0000027d6e1d4de0)
[t=00:00:49.618793] [VFS] 	archive=D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Zero-K\engine\win64\105.1.1-1821-gaca6f20\base\springcontent.sdz (0000027d057a8b40)
[t=00:00:49.618853] [VFS] [SpringVFS::DeleteArchives<this=0000027d3fa110c0>(section=3)] #archives[section]=0 #files[section]=2886
[t=00:00:49.619077] [VFS] [SpringVFS::DeleteArchives<this=0000027d3fa110c0>(section=4)] #archives[section]=0 #files[section]=0
[t=00:00:49.619088] [VFS] [SpringVFS::DeleteArchives<this=0000027d3fa110c0>(section=5)] #archives[section]=0 #files[section]=0
[t=00:00:49.619095] [VFS] [SpringVFS::DeleteArchives<this=0000027d3fa110c0>(section=6)] #archives[section]=0 #files[section]=0
[t=00:00:49.619102] [VFS] [SpringVFS::DeleteArchives<this=0000027d3fa110c0>(section=7)] #archives[section]=0 #files[section]=0
[t=00:00:49.619113] [VFS] [SpringVFS::DeleteArchives<this=0000027d3fa110c0>(section=8)] #archives[section]=1 #files[section]=0
[t=00:00:49.619122] [VFS] 	archive=D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Zero-K\games\zkmenu-stable.sdz (0000027d057a8670)

I'm not sure what's that about, tbh. But it doesn't look to be caused by whatever caused the shutdown.
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3 months ago
I still didnt find the root problem here on my pc, but I dont want to hold the map from others.

So Aquamin, you can feature the map back.
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