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By Quanto

Original OTA Map converted by Quanto
Size: 8 x 8


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8 years ago
map has some broken mex layer
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7 years ago
Set the boxes NW vs SE. Now the starting spots won't be right next to the hill, which will make the map play better imo. The previous boxes are below, in case it turns out they were better and we wanna roll back to them.

!addbox 7 70 14 14 1
!addbox 71 19 14 14 2
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7 years ago
Doesn't NW have way more mexes than SE? That looks terrible.
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7 years ago
Okay I didn't see the actual boxes that you made. NW still looks better, though.
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6 years ago
I just realized that this map is called "adamantine mountian".

My world is shattered.
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6 years ago
This map is great. Even though I have a 100% lose rate on it I think it is brilliant. There is no center rushing and silly cheese strategies are hard. Gameplay is dynamic as the center plateau has no mexes on it and the sides are so valuable.
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5 years ago
This should be remade at least to fix the sun.
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