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LimeQuat Republic v1.24 Featured

By DavetheBrave

Procedurally Generated Map for 8-16 players -- Based on Banana Republic by aeonios/esainane/Manu12. Adapted Terrain/Texture Generator from https://github.com/GoogleFrog/Random-Map. Lava gadget and gfx from http://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/58456
Size: 14 x 10


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16 months ago
New Version!

-Super mexes are less super, but now the metal on the remainder of the map scales up for the player count, when player count exceeds 8.
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16 months ago
Old link http://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/61637
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6 months ago
[t=00:02:28.136341][f=-000001] Synced LuaRules: starting loading
[t=00:02:28.978674][f=-000001] Map Terrain Generation
[t=00:02:28.978689][f=-000001] Random Seed, 363736
[t=00:02:28.978736][f=-000001] Wave generation complete
[t=00:02:28.978743][f=-000001] Draw points, 5, factor, 0.86401755
[t=00:02:28.984123][f=-000001] Voronoi generation complete
[t=00:02:28.984303][f=-000001] std, 0, bucketWidth, 60.0000038
[t=00:02:28.985004][f=-000001] Terrain structure complete
[t=00:02:29.511160][f=-000001] Edge processing complete
[t=00:02:29.511175][f=-000001] ApplyLineDistanceFunc
[t=00:02:29.941811][f=-000001] Tier propagation complete
[t=00:02:30.494419][f=-000001] Error: [LuaRules::RunCallInTraceback] error=2 (LUA_ERRRUN) callin=LoadCode trace=[Internal Lua error: Call failure] [LuaVFS::Include(synced=true)][pcall] file=LuaRules/gadgets.lua error=2 ([string "LuaRules/Gadgets/map_terrain_generator_lava.lua"]:2662: attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a nil value)) ptop=3 cenv=false vfsmode=Mmb
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'Include'
[string "LuaRules/main.lua"]:15: in main chunk

Crash on a particular seed.
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5 months ago
Default spawn points do not check for lava, see https://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1820501
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3 months ago
Loaded gadget: Mex Placement <mex_placement.lua>
[t=00:01:08.759580][f=-000001] ERROR: 0:13: 'assign' : cannot convert from ' in 4-component vector of float MultiTexCoord0' to ' smooth out 2-component vector of float'
ERROR: 0:13: '' : compilation terminated
ERROR: 2 compilation errors. No code generated.

[t=00:01:08.759614][f=-000001] LAVA shader compilation failed, falling back to GL Lava. See infolog for details
Loaded gadget: Lava Gadget 2.4 <lava.lua>
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