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Random Plateaus v1.1 Matchmaking pool

By GoogleFrog

A sometimes craggy, sometimes plateauy random map, now with igloos (10x10)
Size: 10 x 10


Downloads: 3985
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New version:
  • Fix a crash from the tournament caused by insufficient point leeway.
  • Fix a crash with mex placement I found during testing.
As these were both rare fatal crashes, seeds for v1.0 produce the same maps in v1.1.
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16 months ago
I like this map a lot. It is symmetrical, it provides interesting but not cheesy terrain, and it's different every time. Thanks for creating and sharing it.
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16 months ago
Moved to supported for the startpoint placing issue on the new engine.
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8 months ago
there must be an option to save generated map for everbody. some of them are unique and really great!
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2 months ago
The random seed is saved to your infolog and the replay file. Look for a string like "Random Seed, 6060551" in either (the replay has to be unzipped first, but can also be run to generate an infolog).

Seeds can be used by putting them in the Random Map Seed option in Options/Map. The same seed generates the same map.

I don't know of any tool for exporting the map, but it's such an obvious and simple thing to write that there may even already be one floating around.
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2 months ago
I have made tools for exporting the height map, in my local version of springboard.
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49 days ago
Mexes render green and underground now. Looks like a broken widget state being left for the mex widget.
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