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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome #1 (32p)
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.11.1.0
Engine version: 105.1.1-1485-g78f9a2c
Started: 15 days ago
Duration: 66 minutes
Players: 32
Bots: False
Mission: False
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15 days ago
epic zenith and nuke
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15 days ago
i like RUrankKarfagenn 's style with nukes. his antiwork is stunning. also does his own scout etc.
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15 days ago
zenith was finished at 33min.
if trinity was high-prio and not metal starved there were ~11 nukes.

That is like 80k metal. it still took 30 minutes to end the game, and that only because west didnt organize properly to make use of 3/4 of the map, or finish sl, or push south.

we will be on the same team again, so please: dont take this as "epic zenith" or "epic zenith and nuke".

also, west had 100k metal advantage and wasted it.
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please dont go back to the dont make anything other then lance and starlight thing again, im just having fun here
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15 days ago
Idk why it`s fun to eat rice with a knife instead of a spoon, but ok.
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DErankAdminmojjj Is this sarcasm? Nuke was built by RUrank_OverlorD_ and then passed to RUrankKarfagenn every time it was fired. Pretty sure I did 90% of scouting

I made emp silo and kept bottom anti stunned for ages while asking for nuke to be fired, never happened, silo got killed. Right after, RUrankKarfagenn makes their own silo further forwards in range of emping the zenith. Builds 3 emps with my help and uses them on the anti, misses one anti and fires nuke, nuke got intercepted and silo killed by zenith.

When the nuke got eventually killed there was 3 missiles ready to fire.

We also scouted the east nuke and several players pointed out to top to make anti with plenty of time to make it. But top players ignored us for ages until eventually starting one which didn't finish in time. Later when starlight was being built we needed another anti which also didn't finish in time due to lack of help.

Focusing on making the starlight at top (in range of aoe from zenith lol) pulled all our metal out of supporting the push top, which could have then built silo and emped the zenith or continued pressure over the river into east base. We also had nowhere near the 600e required to run it, let alone keeping those singus alive from zenith fire until the beam reached the zenith.

Meanwhile ATrankJohnHunter proceeds to continuously spam Paladins to death from mass lance and zenith.

Its unfortunately very frustrating to play team games when people on the team are allergic to communication and teamwork. Just feels like you wasted an hour for nothing.

Could maybe have made scylla in the river and used that to take out singus in the base. (why didn't I think of this gah)
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i specced most of the game. there was a time when i woundered, who was coordinating the nuking and i checked the person holding the nuke, the person with the swifts and the person with the silo. it was all RUrankKarfagenn at this point. i didnt check the other nukes/stuns/scouts before or later. the time was when the nothern part of the map was nuked. so no, it was not sarcasm, just a snapshot in time.
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14 days ago
GBrankTechAUmNu while i take blame for not helping the anti fast enough(was very tired),
I built and lost only a SINGLE Pala.
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Watching through the replay

USrankSodbuster using cloaked snitches, maybe a little wasteful (3-4 for a single unit kill sometimes)

10min RUrankKarfagenn move orders 3500m of fleas to the back of the map, they all died without killing anything.

Mid for east is now a ball of cloaked impalers and lances.

RUrank_OverlorD_ finishes singu west, east already has 3 singu at this point, south has 2 cloaked firewalkers and juggle defending for west, east only has snipers and juggle
There are 14 area cloakers!

13min GBrankTechAUmNu bombs 4 impalers with licho

15min CZrankTGess loses 2 licho and almost a 3rd trying to bomb ships

16min South, west now has no firewalkers or sumo, RUrankPrototypestill doesn't use snipers to push. Anti started south and backline north, east nuke finishes, RUrank_OverlorD_ nuke 30% built. GBrankTechAUmNu scouts but doesn't see nuke.

18min USrankSodbuster kills 3 grizzly with cloaked snitches, top rear anti finished, south 50%, east nuke eta 1min , zenith 15%, GBrankTechAUmNu scouts and sees nuke. Top told to make anti.

19min bot east mid anti finishes, east nuke eta 13s, west pushing well top and bottom

19:34 nuke finished, DErankzini scouts but scout dies, top finally start anti

19:40 DErankzini scouts again, east nuke finished, west top anti 4%, east zenith 18%

19:59 nuke fired, anti at 20% eta 1min. So it is possible anti could have been finished in time.

no reaction to nuke from top, nobody moved anything lol, nuke kills about 6k of defenses and random units. North now has 1 merlin and 1 grizzly to defend. West bot is porc fortress with 3 cerberus and 6 area cloakers

24min West Top is overrun by a large army and about to lose, RUrank_OverlorD_ fires west nuke at army, makes east army scatter, nuke kills 2k, most of army suicides by running forwards. East nuke eta 40s, zenith 50%. Entire of bot is cloaked (and cloaker is not a problem...)

26min West top pushing back with large army with help from bot. RUrankPrototypestill kills east singu with tacnuke

27min DErankzini fires 2nd nuke, west top army scatters and loses 8k, RUrankPrototypestill kills 2nd singu with tacnuke, DErankzini scouts

28min RUrankPrototypestill tacnukes east nuke once, but loses silo before firing another. east nuke lives and wall built to defend it, zenith 65%

30min East pushes north with 14k army, RUrank_OverlorD_ asked to use nuke, nothing happens.

31min RUrank_OverlorD_ gives nuke and swifts to RUrankKarfagenn who has built silo, they scout with the swifts, emp anti and fires 2 nukes taking out majority of east's top base. Honestly very good nukes.

32min Zenith finishes, GBrankTechAUmNu scouts directly at it, but can't reach it due to mass AA and emp.

34min Zenith fires at nuke but doesn't kill it. DErankzini fires 3rd nuke, hits anti

36min Zenith fires huge volley at top army and kills 1 funnel lol, west bot trying to push with paladin, scorps and jacks. Get's killed by zenith

37min GBrankTechAUmNu emps anti south 3 times and asks for nuke. DErankzini scouts

38min RUrank_OverlorD_ starts silo in front of GBrankTechAUmNu's, RUrankKarfagenn starts one in front of RUrank_OverlorD_'s.
RUrank_OverlorD_ starts reclaiming silo, DErankzini scouts the silos

39min RUrankKarfagenn silo gets zenithed and emped, GBrankTechAUmNu comes to help and makes a wall to protect silo. DErankzini fires 4th nuke, kills most of wests ground army north.

40min Zenith kills a fusion and shogun

41min RUrankKarfagenn given nuke silo again, fires 3 emps to stun 3 anti, 2 anti are stunned, 3rd is under a funnel. Nuke fired and gets intercepted by anti. Silo killed by zenith.

42min RUrankKarfagenn fires nuke at top kills base again. CZrankSilent_AI scouts. West starlight 40%

43min Zenith tries to kill west nuke again, still alive. ATrankJohnHunter makes good push with Paladin north and kills dante and artemis. Forced back by cloaked lances.

44min Zenith tries to kill some nimbus and misses them all. DErankzini nukes top army, doesn't kill much. CZrankSilent_AI scouts and sees Starlight at 60%

45min Zenith kills anti over Starlight and everything around it.

46min Zenith kills second anti top CZrankSilent_AI scouts, zenith kills 3rd anti. USrankSodbuster didn't know we have no e...

47:05 anti started by USrankSodbuster next to starlight, nuke eta 40s, nobody helps
48:05 nuke fired, everyone starts helping anti, eta 15s
48:18 nuke lands, anti eta 5s. Probably would have finished in time with help, but unlikely to change outcome of game. USrankSodbuster blames ATrankJohnHunter, but there was 5 other caretakers next to it from others that also didn't help.

49min nothing has changed bot, still all cloaked and front hasn't moved. USrankSodbuster doesn't understand zenith has aoe

51min Zenith finally kills west nuke which has 3 waiting to be fired, army top was exposed and easily nukable

55min Zenith finally kills antis bot, DErankzini nukes bot base

56min Zenith kills top anti

1h DErankzini nukes bot again, top starts a detri, RUrankKarfagenn has a sneaky nuke in the middle of top, fires at east army as it walks past

West resigns.

So ATrankJohnHunter, sorry I got you confused with USrankBrah who had the same colour.

It is really hard to scout through a deep area of instant hit aa. I should have invested a lot more into scouting, although even if we had scouted the zenith earlier I am not sure how much impact it would have made due to its placement.

RUrankPrototypestill, best to make enough tacnukes to kill things and then fire them. They had time to counter the silo before you had time to build and fire second tacnuke.

I think RUrankKarfagenn was a bit greedy with nukes and could have swung the battle at bot by killing the army + defences when GBrankTechAUmNu emped anti.

TWrankKitty116065 didn't use zenith very well, game could have been ended much faster by using it to just kill the anti's and then nuking. Instead it was used to attack random targets with varying degrees of success.

Starlight was a really bad idea.
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I'm offended that my disconnection is not even mentioned here....!!!

Actually, I think if I'm in the game it partially solves the pressure on north problem because that was going to be my main focus
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