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The True Dispensables


Zero-Ks' Planetary war was brewing, when a team of truly dispensable men appeared in the horizon. This band of men didn't really know what they were doing, but sometimes; I mean really, sometimes; they did know.

And every time this happened, much to everyone’s amazement, the faction drew closer to inevitable victory.

Rumor has it, that winning truly matters to “The Truly Dispensable”; because they don’t.
Apply to TTD @ https://discord.gg/Y7z9uze
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Clan Leader CYrankManiak
Time Event
12 months ago IDrankNemesisTango joins clan TTD
14 months ago USrankQuandoflin joins clan TTD
14 months ago CYrankGamekeeper joins clan TTD
14 months ago CYrankMedlazer joins clan TTD
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