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Title: [A] Free For All
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.7.5.0
Engine version: 104.0.1-1156-gb72a9cc
Started: 7 months ago
Duration: 79 minutes
Players: 5
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 16.9%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 5.5%

Team 3
Chance of victory: 32.3%

Team 4
Chance of victory: 17.8%

Team 5
Chance of victory: 27.5%


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7 months ago
At 30 mins a stunner missile pass through a 35% charged Funnelweb and stuns my anti-nuke??? Funnelweb charge is not reduced.
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7 months ago
Well thats because shockley does more damage than funnel has max shields
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7 months ago
A fully charged (or even slightly more charged) Funnelweb would still have stopped the Shockley.
Why? See wiki on shields: "Status effects (EMP, Slow and Disarm) weapons damage shields for 1/3 their damage against units."

Funnel has 28k hp shield. 35 % charged = 9,8k hp shield
Shockley does 30k emp dmg. 1/3 dmg against shields. = 10k dmg
So yeah, close one. I also had to emp the Anti of your southern neighbor to sucessfully nuke ur base.
Not that I gained anything from it in the end, but...
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EMP does 1/3 of it's EMP damage as regular damage to shields. That equates to 10,001 damage from shockly. If current HP<10,001, missile passes through.

.35(28,000) = 9,800.


Edit: JxG hi-five
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