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Springboard help, getting started

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11 months ago
I went through this thread:

After trying to retrace manu12's steps I still can't get springboard setup properly. I just need springboard to paint textures and place features but right now the palette is limited to the default 8 textures: cement, dirt1, dirt2, metal1, metal2, snow, stone, tiles (oh ffs how do I post a picture in this forum?)

Where do I place the textures I want to use?
Where do I place the models/features I want to use?
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11 months ago
1. Read https://springboard-core.readthedocs.io/en/latest/assets.html and let me know if you're still struggling.
2. Custom units and features are not supported yet. You'd have to add them to a previously created map or game which you can read about on Spring wiki.
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11 months ago
The data directory is:
C:\Users\Captain toot toot\AppData\Roaming\SpringBoard\springboard

I've tried putting the textures in:
C:\Users\Captain toot toot\AppData\Roaming\SpringBoard\springboard\assets

What directory do I copy the textures to?
Similarly, where are those default 8 textures located?
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Ok I finally saw something different. I copied the zeroK core textures to the C:\Users\Captain toot toot\AppData\Roaming\SpringBoard\springboard\assets\core\ directory. But when I copy mine there they don't show up.

What are the image format requirements?
Does it have to be in png?
Does it have to be a certain resolution?
Does it have to have a normal and specular image along with it?

It can be in either png or jpg
resolution doesnt matter
doesnt need to have a normal or specular image.

All I did was rename the new textures in the same format the core textures were. The last core texture was like "392_diffuse" so I named my first texture 393_diffuse, then 394_diffuse, etc. Now they show up in the editor. Now on to saving the map and getting it in the game...
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So I've put together a map in the editor. How do I go from a springboard project to an ingame map? The only way I know is using mapconv using a heightmap and a diffuse texture, but this doesn't help me much since I'm dealing with a springboard project here.
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11 months ago
Unless Springboard has had that capability added recently, I think you export the heightmap/diffuse and use Mapconv.
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When I export the project all its basically does is wrap up all the files in the project directory into a .sdz. Is there a way to export the texture map and height map to whole image files?

Edit: to answer my own question change the export setting to texture only, not scenario

Edit2: You can compile the map from the editor. Go to settings under map, select the diffuse and height image (after exporting them) then hit start.

New questions:
How are trees placed?
Is there a way to export the metalmap from the editor? It knows where the metal when is but once I export the map it's lost.
Is there a way to export the team locations or set them in the editor and then to export them?
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11 months ago
See https://github.com/Spring-SpringBoard/SpringBoard-Core/tree/master/springboard/assets/core for how asset folders should look like.
I recommend you use the assets pack included in the docs. It's pretty large and has a lot of good materials known to work with SB.

You can export mapinfo.lua which will include start positions
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11 months ago
Yep I'm using it.

How do I open a map file? What format does it have to be in? I just tested this all out reskinning titans duel because that was the map it started with.
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11 months ago
Not sure what you mean by map file. Sdzs and sd7s can be loaded with the new project dialog inside SB

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I didn't know that the "new project" was actually the "open map" option.

Here are still my current problems:

metalmap info isn't exported (produces metal.data which isn't valid)
grassmap isn't exported (produces grass.data which isn't valid)
team locations aren't exported (they're in the mapinfo.lua that's created but the game doesn't use the info)
I haven't even tried features like trees yet but I'm guessing that will be problem too. How do I even get features to choose from to place in the editor?

Right now all I can use springboard for is to paint and alter terrain but I could just use photoshop to paint so... Anyway, then I export the heightmap and diffuse image and compile them in mapconv. Then I have to manually type in team locations in mapconfig/map_startboxes.lua and manually set metal locations in mapconfig/map_metal_layout.lua using startpos which is a pain, when considering the editor already knows where all the metal and team locations are.
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11 months ago
Thanks for the feedback.

I've made Github issues reflecting your problems:
- Metalmap isn't exported
- Grassmap isn't exported
- Team locations aren't exported in a format usable for ZK
- Generate and use a new .sdd for new projects. (This should help with adding features easily)

I'll be addressing these issues in the following days. I'll post an update here once I'm ready to show something.
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11 months ago
Is it recommended to use GIMP instead of Springboard until the issues are addressed?
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11 months ago
That's up to you. I think height and texture painting is useful on its own.
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11 months ago
Then how have people made such excellent maps like Folsom Dam or Deadlock? What program / method did they use? How did they get objects like trees and buildings in the map?
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How did they get objects like trees and buildings in the map?

Various 3D-artistically-talented individuals have done texturing and modelling for features (like buildings and trees) in the past. If you are a less 3D-artistically-talented individual such as myself you'll probably "borrow" from their maps or from the spring-features archive which is... probably on SpringFiles somewhere?

In the bad old days I believe feature placement was done by putting coloured dots on an image, where the RGB values coded for the feature identity. (These days that image just codes for grass in the B channel I think.)

In the present day features can be specified in a lua file. Springboard can export such a file for you (look for s11n something or other).
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Aye but the issue is how do I get springboard to pull up a list of features to paint with? I'm not sure how to go from s11n to lua either.
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- Have the features defined inside your map (I believe this generally requires something to be added in the features, objects3d and unittextures folders) - to test I suggest copying some from another map

- Open the map in springboard, your features should be present in the features menu

- When done placing features, export with file type "s11n object format"

- The exported file is itself a lua file, copy it into \mapconfig\ in your map .sdd

- Make sure your map has the right gadgets to read this file (I know s11n_gadget_load.lua and s11n_load_map_features.lua may need to go in the ./LuaRules/Gadgets folder but I am unsure whether this is necessary or sufficient)

- Check the s11n_load_map_features.lua gadget; near the top it should have a line looking like

local modelPath = "mapconfig/feature_list.lua"

Make sure this is pointing at the lua file you got from Springboard.

and hopefully your map should now have features.

(Somebody correct me if any of the above is incorrect.)
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10 months ago
Generate and use a new .sdd for new projects.
It should now be possible to add custom features (new maps only!), see demo here:
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10 months ago
JPrankgajop is it possible to add a feature that can checks everyone's total value of all of the players and kills all the players except the highest at a certain time? Is it possible make the water be a void like The Hole or do you have to approximate the effect with lava?
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