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[13/07] Dog Days 2v2 Tournament

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Time: 14:00 UTC
Date: 13 July, 2019
Format: DE Bo3, 3v3 RR, 2v2
- Standard Tournament Etiquette applies. You know the drill.
- NO TEAM WHR CAP -- Knock yourselves out kiddos.
- Signups due by 14:55 UTC on 13 July. Post on forums or mention me in discord.

Map pool:
- Any supported/featured map.
- Initial map will be randomly picked (except finals)
- Loser picks map.
- Teams may pick up to 2 maps to veto, which may not be picked by the opposing team and will be skipped if it is selected at random.

Bracket: https://challonge.com/zk3v3july_19
Team name Player 1 Player 2 Place
Purple RainRUrankizirayd SErankGodde[Spoiler]
Golden Win SErankfaffnirROrankDr0ppy[Spoiler]
Versus GoliathZArankAstranITrankmanero[Spoiler]


Golden Win v Versus Goliath Multiplayer B745400 4 on Drab
GBrankdyth68 / USrankOflameo v CZrankpsaniac / AUrank4hundred Multiplayer B745393 4 on MoonQ10x
dyth68/Olfameo vs Purple Rain Multiplayer B745388 4 on Terra 2
psaniac/4hundred vs Purple Rain Multiplayer B745406 4 on Fairyland 1.31
4hundred/psaniac vs Golden Win Multiplayer B745425 4 on Archers_Valley_v6
Golden Win vs Purple Rain Multiplayer B745417 4 on Eye of Horus v13
dyth68/oflameo vs Versus Goliath Multiplayer B745424 4 on FrostyCove v1.5
dyth68/oflameo v Golden Rain Multiplayer B745429 4 on Barren 2
Purple Rain v Versus Goliath Multiplayer B745432 4 on Adansonia v4.1
Versus Goliath vs 4hundred/psaniac Multiplayer B745439 4 on Aquatic Divide Revised v02

* NOTE: Due to Drone dropping out and all teams having 2 players, we changed the format to be 2v2.
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11 months ago
+4 / -0

11 months ago
tag, in
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11 months ago

Purple rain, purple rain
I only wanted to see you
Underneath the purple rain

-> Im in
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11 months ago
put me down as a maybe. i might have something on
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11 months ago
Team Name: PurpleRain
Members: SErankGodde GBrank[Fx]Drone RUrankizirayd
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11 months ago
I should be able to make it. Count me in.
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11 months ago
If team purple rain wants to play 'more fairly' you can restrict yourselves to plopping all the same factory every game.

Sadly I'm on vacation and cannot participate in a tournament(again).
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11 months ago
sad ;-; enjoy your vacation
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11 months ago
Bump cuz catlady seems to think spamming the front page with shitty edits is cool.
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11 months ago
I might join if there are any non-purple teams.
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GBrankdyth68 do you want to form a non-purple team?

I will prevent Godde's team from winning by default.
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11 months ago
I might join too
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sounds like cancer,i hope il be around to watch it,or maybe il join to dump some elo
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10 months ago
Sry i really wanted to join this tournament and put a team together to counter Purple Rain.
But i got scammed by RL and probably would have to leave mid tournament so i cant join -.-
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10 months ago
4 days left and we only have 3 teams..

Maybe a format change is necessary. RR might be better than DE with this player count.
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10 months ago
sorry i wanted to join but is saturday and i have family things. i know but making 2 vs 2 or 1 vs 1 tournament. would u decide shaman ;D buddy.
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10 months ago
Technically you only have 1 team. You have enough players to make 3 teams.
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If Manu and Sigero were willing I could join to help beat the "purple rain". Sad that manu can't do it.
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I'm in, assuming this happens. When are the teams decided for people without?

Unless someone wants to team up?
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