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PlanetWars events

Time Event
7 hours ago CArankPyko joins clan LE
7 hours ago SErankAlien14 joins clan SSKRS
7 hours ago New clan SSKRS formed by SErankGadda
8 hours ago USrank[TSM]Ocean joins Federation
11 hours ago USrankLetsGoDevs11 leaves faction Dynasty
11 hours ago USrankLetsGoDevs11 joins Dynasty
11 hours ago NOrankNuclearMayhem joins Empire
11 hours ago ESrankVikorlive joins Empire
12 hours ago FRrankliberodark joins Federation
13 hours ago USrankstarwarsguy354 joins Federation
14 hours ago USrankJJninja69 joins clan d
19 hours ago DErankJackdanels joins Dynasty
20 hours ago USrankVLCPlayer joins clan LoBSTR
21 hours ago New clan LoA formed by DErankMasterLex
21 hours ago AUrank[XIII]_Axel joins clan LoBSTR
21 hours ago AUrank[XIII]_Axel leaves faction Federation
21 hours ago AUrankMereslann joins clan LoBSTR
21 hours ago AUrankMereslann leaves faction Federation
21 hours ago 13 is disbanded
21 hours ago AUrankMereslann leaves clan 13
21 hours ago AUrank[XIII]_Axel leaves clan 13
24 hours ago USrank[NC]Massacre[NOTA] joins clan LoBSTR
25 hours ago CHrankDrDoom joins Empire
30 hours ago PHrankbodysnatcher joins Empire
31 hours ago USrank4n7ix joins clan BBAT
33 hours ago DErankTKMH joins clan AW
38 hours ago SErankSweWolfcsgolivecom joins Empire
39 hours ago Clan I moved to faction Empire
40 hours ago PLrankConrad_I was elected for the I role of Clan Leader  by a vote - 1 for, 0 against
40 hours ago New clan hyrule formed by DErankdmt
41 hours ago NLrankeijsvogel joins Empire
43 hours ago LVrankStomax joins Federation
47 hours ago ATrankxxRezipro joins Empire
47 hours ago ESrankhokomoko_test leaves clan Mean
47 hours ago ESrankhokomoko_test joins clan Mean
2 days ago New clan CFD formed by USrankLerris
2 days ago AUrankMereslann joins clan 13
2 days ago AUrankMereslann leaves clan CFSM
2 days ago USrankThree joins clan BBAT
2 days ago USrankzaar_of_russia joins clan BBAT
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