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PlanetWars events

Time Event
2 hours ago USrankprounicornthelast33 joins Empire
4 hours ago FRranktherdru joins Federation
24 hours ago RUrankchert joins Dynasty
26 hours ago USrankWolfieWuf joins Empire
29 hours ago FRrankpaccalin joins Empire
37 hours ago USrankUrsom__ was elected for the Slon role of Clan Leader  by a vote, replacing CArankEremeyNedoehov - 2 for, 0 against
42 hours ago FRrank[Kf3in]C21 joins clan MC
42 hours ago FRrank[Kf3in]C21 leaves clan ISP
43 hours ago NLrankMasper joins clan TheGBC
43 hours ago BNrankSupremeLeaderMao joins clan HYDRA
43 hours ago TYR is disbanded
43 hours ago BNrankSupremeLeaderMao leaves clan TYR
2 days ago FRrankDude_Nukem joins Federation
2 days ago Clan Jupite moved to faction Federation
2 days ago VErankcarlosvig leaves faction Empire
3 days ago AUranktreebombs joins clan CWC
3 days ago BErank14thWYRctMarieAnnePorsche joins Federation
3 days ago USrankUrsom__ joins clan Slon
3 days ago New clan Slon formed by CArankEremeyNedoehov
3 days ago USrankUrsom__ leaves faction Federation
3 days ago USrankUrsom__ leaves clan XCOM
3 days ago USrankFinnishLime506 joins clan P1
4 days ago UArankPolk091 leaves clan Profi
4 days ago New clan HYDRA formed by CArankSaB0TaG3
6 days ago PLrankPatio90 joins Empire
7 days ago USrankSkitter joins Federation
7 days ago NZrankmarkivs joins clan P1
7 days ago NZrankmarkivs leaves clan LOBSC
8 days ago AUrankHazorazor joins clan CWC
8 days ago USrankLiviathen joins clan Fists
8 days ago ARrankskayland2332 leaves clan iFox
9 days ago New clan CWC formed by AUrankJimbob244
9 days ago CWC is disbanded
9 days ago AUrankJimbob244 leaves clan CWC
9 days ago AUrankHazorazor leaves clan CWC
9 days ago AUrankmisterau joins clan Groovy
9 days ago USrankMorjor was elected for the ZB role of Clan Leader  by a vote, replacing USrankHexxitfan11_v2 - 1 for, 0 against
9 days ago CArankRedEagle_P1 was elected for the P1 role of Clan Leader  by a vote, replacing USrankTheHiddenManiac - 5 for, 0 against
10 days ago SGrankbamboo01 joins Dynasty
10 days ago FRrankWalkman joins clan Quanta
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