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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome (32p)
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.9.11.1
Engine version: 104.0.1-1544-ge1f249f
Started: 54 days ago
Duration: 31 minutes
Players: 19
Bots: False
Mission: False
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54 days ago
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54 days ago
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54 days ago
Izi there are always gonna be some maps where some units are stronger than others. If you were a zk dev, we would not have had charons, lobsters, limplets, snitches, jacks, reavers, fencers, lances, etc. by now.
This strat is ok because it is not yet abused, it requires some skill to pull off. I do not know about anyone else besides Godde who does this, and he is the #1. You don't need to rage so much each time you get boiled (in lava).
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54 days ago
How did you decide that this is difficult to do? Micro is very weak for Charon, you don't do the hard work. You have decided that this is something special and difficult - but it is not, even micro 20 jacks is not a difficult job.
Why is there a 450 metal unit that can kill commanders almost anywhere on the map at the beginning of the game?

8800 damage at 1 minute 40 seconds for 450 metal. 28100 damage over 6-30.
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54 days ago
If anything, it is the lava that is OP
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54 days ago
SErankGodde living the dream
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53 days ago
Fun game to watch :D
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50 days ago
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48 days ago
Wow, Godde's lobbing was obscenely effective in the early game.

4 coms, 2 minotaurs, some other stuff...
Like 20k metal there if you consider the income losses for the first half of the game.

Should have switched later though.

As a side note, the Reaver dodge buff is mental XD
Got lone Reavers fighting 4 Minotaurs for a minute!
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