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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome (32p)
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.10.4.1
Engine version: 105.1.1-841-g099e9d0
Started: 11 months ago
Duration: 57 minutes
Players: 28
Bots: False
Mission: False
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11 months ago
epic lag fest
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11 months ago
Thanks to one player (NanoPirate)
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After reviewing the replay, I saw nothing malicious/modactionable in this replay.

Analysis notes here:

Conclusion: To solely blame the lag on ATrankNanoPirate is uncalled for @Saab. At one point both ZArankAstran and ROrankizirayd were contributing with dirtbags (20bp/s) and Fleas, respectively, assuming these vague comments were directed towards unit spam "lag". No actual malicious action was taken from ATrankNanoPirate, and for the most part they were just sitting in the rear making dirtbags at 10bp/sec unassisted or making singularities. The other players complaining of latency had some rough spots of CPU (a lot of red) or may have had poor frame rate, but to blame it on ATrankNanoPirate is uncalled for.
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When somebody has a consistent behavioural pattern of borderline malicious attitude towards their teammates, it is fairly natural that they would get less benefit of the doubt than other players for similar behaviour.

In other words, if you feel it is appropriate to say things like: (spoilered for potential NSFW)
then you can expect there to be consequences in terms of other people's attitudes to you, and you should not expect the moderators to protect you from those consequences. If you annoy enough people with this sort of thing, then you can expect the moderators to in fact enforce some consequences.
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I was in the frontline, saw everything. :)

Dirtbags and fleas hordes really helped us a lot to keep the defenses and move on. I think this is the reason why we were able to hold under enemy DRP fire and ground attacks for so long. Our main mistake was the construction of 2 our DRP's within the radius of active enemy DRP. Of course we lost them uncompleted having lost tens of thousands of metal... At the same time our team state was good and the ground attacks was quite successful.

We had 2 base corners out of enemy DRP range, we could build Starlight there and maybe win... Imho.

Also there were no any lags on me (mobile i7-8750h, 16gb, 1050ti), wondferfull.
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11 months ago
there will always be people like Sab in this game who leave out no chance to bully others, and i wont let that sit on me lol
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ATrankNanoPirate you seem determined to assert that there is nothing wrong with your attitude towards your teammates and that every piece of ill feeling that arises around your actions is entirely somebody else's fault.

Consider this a warning that the strength with which you believe that to be true will not protect you from any of the consequences of being incorrect in that belief.
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11 months ago
When I say lag I mean that actions are starting to take a noticeable time. In this case it felt about 0.5s - 1s delay before things were happening. I was not falling behind and had decent framerate.

Many other players had fallen significantly behind, 80s+. When this happens to half your team you lose a lot of ability of micro.

I don't mind the spam of small units myself, but when it slows down the game and causes half the players to start falling behind it's probably no longer fun for those players as they are basically out of the game. I started spamming fire missiles to try and kill the huge amount of dirtbags and fleas in the centre of the map.

North actually helped us significantly with the dirtbag spam as they made it extremely hard to attack us.
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AMD 6800, I7 9700K, 32 GB of ram, all these with no lag issues.

Even if this game is "old" it still requires a lot of stuff to process so it's expected that you still need a good graphics card and a good processor, in order to play decently once the number of units reach a specific threshold.
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11 months ago
ok AUrankAdminAquanim im sorry, i will try to be better in future :/
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11 months ago
Yeah it's not a light game, I had about 20fps with a 5900x, 32GB ram and a 1080ti
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