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Title: [A] Casual 1v1 (no elo)
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.11.1.0
Engine version: 105.1.1-1485-g78f9a2c
Started: 12 days ago
Duration: 13 minutes
Players: 2
Bots: False
Mission: False
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12 days ago
This game was brought up as an example of Imp. Here are my thoughts.
  • The first Imp was pretty funny as it essentially played guard against an early lone Scorcher, until the Scorcher got fed up and ran in. I think it is fine for Cloaky to have a unit that can ward away a single Scorcher.
  • FRrankHelwor then built three more Imps, arranged defensively.
  • The first Imp of the second batch was scouted and traded with a Dart.
  • The other two Imps were not seen, but you could from @RiposterR's movements that he suspected them and was fearful. Arguably FRrankHelwor would have lost right there if @RiposterR had raided with his superior Scorcher force and the Imps were not in play;
  • The second Imp of the second batch stunned seven Scorchers as they dove at a commander and HLT (around 5:50). Taking into account the Dart and other Imps in the batch, the three Imps have killed 950 metal of units for a cost of 360, and one Imp remains.
  • It is worth noting that @RiposterR had a 1.6x army lead before the dive attempt, and the Imp brought it back to near-even. FRrankHelwor doesn't have much map control as the Imps are arranged defensively.
  • FRrankHelwor builds three more Imps at 7:40.
  • Two Imps try to help against some Scorchers at 8:50, stunning one Scorcher each. But it possibly made the difference in the battle.
  • FRrankHelwor builds a Fusion, cloaker, and three more Imps at 11:00. @RiposterR has about 2x army advantage.
  • An Imp stuns four assaulting Scorchers. Two survive as Ravagers come in shortly after.
  • The remaining Imp stuns eight flanking Fencers. Two of them die to a Reaver until it is picked off by some survivors and a nearby Gauss.
  • Two more Imps are produced. Some stuff is stunned via the cloaker, but there is no army to follow up. The game is over.

The most relevant Imp seemed like the third one, that stunned seven Scorchers. But it wasn't enough to even swing the game in favour of FRrankHelwor. So this game does not make me want to nerf Imp.
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12 days ago
If Imp were to be nerfed (which is always on the table), then this game only suggests a cost nerf. The most impactful Imp barely moved and stunned in a small radius, so cost is the only thing that would have an effect.
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The comment "But it wasn't enough to even swing the game in favour of FRrankHelwor." struck me as odd given a 900 WHR gap. It sounds like your watching the game as if it is between two comparative level players.
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11 days ago
I'm just commenting on what happened in the game. Skill plays a part, but I don't see the need to reference it, and it can get a bit circular. In general, did the unfavoured player lose because they did something underpowerd, or did they choose correctly and make it look underpowered due to the skill difference? The choice is part of skill. Obviously I'll put more weight on even skill games.

One way to get around skill disparity is by having a lot of games between two players that regularly switch side, as games can then be compared to see which feels more like an uphill battle. But in lieu of that, I'll just have to check out what people comment on.
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My feeling about walking bombs vs Rover is that in the early game the Rover player is in principle able to spread out their Scorchers/Darts/etc sufficiently to avoid a large scale bomb connection. I don't think they compromise their ability to fight bot armies by doing this, since they can come together reasonably quickly and a bot army cannot safely fight on top of its own bombs either.

Aside on trading a single Scorcher for a bomb:
If the bot player is getting good bomb connections (say upwards of 3 scorchers), that feels like it is probably due to some combination of:

(a) The Rover player did not respect bombs enough.
(b) The Rover player was spending APM elsewhere.
(c) Some other reason exists why it is necessary to move rovers in a tight clump into potentially mined territory (or stand somewhere they could get Conjurer-Imped).

With respect to (b), my historical impression of the Rover vs Shield matchup (on a flat map and assuming both players are largely leaning on early raiders) is that the micro required to maintain map control with Bandits was quite a bit more demanding than controlling the Scorchers, and that Snitch evened the playing field a bit in this regard. Is this still true, and is it also true of the Scorcher vs Glaive matchup?

I'm not aware of anything which fits (c) until you are getting into maybe making dense Ravager balls in the midgame, but somebody with more recent 1v1 experience may have a different perspective.
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