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Title: FFA
Host: CNrankHistidineStar
Game version: Zero-K v1.12.5.0
Engine version: 105.1.1-2457-g8095d30
Battle ID: 1896925
Started: 40 days ago
Duration: 0 seconds
Players: 7
Bots: False
Mission: False
Rating: None
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40 days ago
Ah, the classic lose into !exit strategy.
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40 days ago
i lose this and can say that. But Histidine Star so dragging game and 8-9 players wait. So it was one way to end this and start new battle. If moderators give win HistidineStar im ok with it.
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40 days ago
Yeah, CNrankHistidineStar plays with his food a lot and that's all well and good in matchmaker but in a lobby with players waiting it's a different story. CoC or whatever should have a clause that players be sincerely trying to win in autohosted lobbies rather than dragging things out for no reason.
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40 days ago
Yeah, CNrankHistidineStar plays with his food a lot

Not to a degree that was egregious IMO.

Fighting multiple opponents on multiple fronts is difficult, and one of the south players managed to build a DRP so it's not like there wasn't a threat.

It's easy to observe one player has an essentially unsurmountable lead from the spectator's POV, but when you're a player, your army is constantly getting firebombed and another player starts shooting a DRP at you, it doesn't feel like you're ahead at all.
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38 days ago
come on, Galamesh, HistidineStar experienced player and he had 6+ detries inactive. He know only me can be danger for him and hold me on low resources. He can end this battle a half hour earlier but just mocked us.
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I think your ego is too inflated to be able to take a different point of view.

If it's so over, then why do you deliberately slow the game down by staying in instead of resigning? Same for the others.

Because you hate HistidineStar. Because you thought you could rally the others against him. Because you thought you could use them to dig yourself out of that hole and then trample them. Because you can't accept your loss.
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I haven't watched the game, so I don't know whether this actually happened, but a player who hasn't resigned yet in a FFA joining an exit vote because somebody is dragging the game out is absolutely ridiculous. Don't do that.
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38 days ago
You're right, Galamesh.
I indeed strive to win every battle I participate in, and I'll continue playing as long as I know there's something I can do to have a chance at winning. I'll even go further and say that I truly dislike losing to a weaker opponent; by the way, I don't consider HistidineStar to be one. But in other aspects, you're wrong. You see the world through the prism of your emotions and project them onto me. But I'm not you. I haven't tried to 'use and trample' newbies, and I know how to accept defeat. And no, I don't feel hatred towards Star, even though some of his moves do irritate me. As for ego, you really hit the nail on the head, only you're judging yourself.
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38 days ago

but a player who hasn't resigned yet in a FFA joining an exit vote because

How about a player who has resigned and then starts an !exit vote? That's what happened.
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38 days ago
I would much prefer to see the people who think an exit vote is called for going and starting their own room.
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You see the world through the prism of your emotions and project them onto me.

And this is Histidine while he is doing "nothing":

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Thank you, Galamesh. You rewound the replay for an hour and a half just to take a screenshot. This once again shows how important it is for you to prove that I'm bad and you're good.

As I've already mentioned, some of his actions irritate me, particularly deliberate game prolongation (which I mentioned). As you saw from the replay, I couldn't accurately scout and understand how far ahead Star was in terms of economy and army, and therefore couldn't make a decision that further fighting was futile. Being in such a suspended state is difficult, especially when I'm constantly attacked by forces I can't defend against due to low income. Oh yes, that's annoying. However, I can't deny that Star's actions were quite effective. But it's far from harboring serious hatred towards him as a person. However, if the understanding that I hate Star makes your life better, then I'm glad.

About Stars idle please don`t manipulate facts. I said accurate about idle detris who can easy end game.
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38 days ago
That is quite enough personal comments from both of you.
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