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Anir abusing his admin status, again

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18 days ago
Admins in the game need to be above reproach. I was playing a free-for-all recently in the Europe map in which I targeted him and beat him. This is an obvious tactic because he has something like 70% chance to win over me in games where I am at 2-3%. He then proceeded to tell everybody that I was spec-cheating and that was what my clan was about.

I just don't think admin should make groundless accusations just because they lost a game.

You can see the chat in the replay here

If you want evidence that I was not spec cheating you can see the fact that I left all my power unattended when he had an unitys next to it in the south in the early game and others told him to attack. I would have seen that.
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if he didnt kick or ban you then its not admin abuse its just slander

he told your friends you were a goose

now your telling his friends he is a goose

also the map 'duck' is a goose
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18 days ago
The replay is 90 minutes long. ._.
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I am under the impression that LUrankAdminAnir accusing you of spec-cheating, collaborating with your clan in FFA, and unreasonably focusing on him in general did not have anything particularly to do with this specific game.

I am not at this stage expressing an opinion as to the validity of those accusations. I would have to do a lot of FFA watching to find out.

EDIT: On inspection I am not sure there are enough relevant replays saved on the server to come to a conclusion one way or the other. Perhaps somebody can provide local copies of some or all of:
or any other replay that seems relevant. Multiplayer B1119443 6 on Bryce_Arena_fixed_2 is on the server but seems inconclusive since again Anir and RedEagle were neighbours and had a start location between them to fight over.

The moderation team has in the past not been eager to involve ourselves in telling people how to play FFA. If we, as a group, become convinced that somebody or a group of people are routinely violating the spirit of FFA by routinely making pre-game alliances or vendettas (explicit or de facto), and hence making the game less fun for somebody or everybody else, we might eventually consider ourselves obliged to do something about it, regardless of whether an admin is directly involved.
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18 days ago
When your an admin, people take what you say seriously. You need to be careful with your words, you can't just accuse people of cheating because they beat you in a game or because you fee like it. Being an admin is a reasonability which should be handled with care.
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18 days ago
but admins are good at spotting cheaters and are probably supposed to find it sometimes
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18 days ago
WTF have i done now?
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you know CArankRedEagle_P1

When you target/focus me for months in FFA games.
Accuse me of abusing my admin powers.
And then start cheating in your FFA games with your clan.

Then yes, I have no problem what so ever to call you out in public.

Also basically all common FFA players know whats going on anyway.
Just check the spectator chat of that game. Then you will notice that I just pointed out common knowledge anyway.

I have multiple people come from your discord server telling me how you all chat together during ffa games.
Even calling spectators to join your chatroom.
I have a replay where you send a units on hold fire to Bbar so he can capture them.
And I am not dumb enough to not notice when I am being played.

Now the only reason why I haven't banned you for I don't know how long, would have to discuss this in the admin channel, is because I am not certain that I have enough hard evidence.

So if you want to continue this discussion, bring it!
I will wipe your face so hard that you won't recoignice it in your own mirror.

Ps. Yes he pisses me off, and no I don't care about my language towards him anymore.
So change this post if you think it needs to be edited.
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18 days ago
1) I have never cheated in an FFA game
2) Teaming in FFA is not disallowed, its a decent strategy.
3) If you have a problem, you should take moderator action, not spread gossip. Gossip just looks bad on admins.
4) At this point you should recuse yourself from any more moderator actions in my rooms based on your own words:

"Yes he pisses me off, and no I don't care about my language towards him anymore."


I think you approach to someone saying your are doing something wrong is a bit childish. I have nothing against you and I don't take games personally.

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18 days ago
"you can't just accuse people of cheating because they beat you in a game"

And then we receive the POW of LUrankAdminAnir, which I think closes the debate. Thanks.
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I have multiple people come from your discord server telling me how you all chat together during ffa games.

LUrankAdminAnir: This is misleading, in my experience while cooperation does happen, spec cheating does not. The /W functionality already exists in Zero-K, so this is just a faster way of doing so that players actually know about (basically no one knows how to whisper in FFA, only one I've ever seen do so is GBrankmatthewwightman).

And ganging up and cooperating against the top ranked player is just common sense in FFA.

Kinda sad to see the amount of bad blood between you and CArankRedEagle_P1. :(
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18 days ago

Should whispering be allowed in FFAs? The all public communication does add something to the gameplay.
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18 days ago
And if non-public chat is disallowed, should there be some provision for allowable public VC?
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18 days ago
Attacking the highest rated player is a sensible strategy in FFA.
What looks like a vendetta could easily just be people choosing sensible FFA strats.
I think predict should be removed from FFA hosts. At least force the players to write in chat which enemies are the biggest threats rather than just writing !predict.
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I think predict should be removed from FFA hosts. At least force the players to write in chat which enemies are the biggest threats rather than just writing !predict.

You would say that :P

It's one thing to say " SErankGodde's the biggest threat!", but being able to say " SErankGodde has a 95% chance of winning according to this unbiased machine!" is MUCH more impactful.
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18 days ago
I'm not a fan of drama, but I just wanted to clear up any confusion or obfuscation. I have not seen or been a part of any spec cheating, especially in FFA. We do voice chat during FFA games, and occasionally team up (not against the rules) and sometimes "teaming up" in FFA is more detrimental due to sneak attacks. That being said, we make a point to never spec cheat, or give any kind of information out to the player if whatever is happening isn't already visible to that player.

As for the FFA game that Anir is referring to, RedEagle had to leave, so he told me he was leaving (and he also either said that in general chat or it would have been apparent when it showed he left). I then decided to TRY to take advantage of that fact and domi his base, which ended up being detrimental because of how long it took and the fact that I lost nearly everything when my domis were destroyed. Hardly an unfair advantage. Also he did not send anything to me to be captured, he just set everything to hold fire. Anyone who noticed could have domi-ed his base as well, probably even faster than me (considering my original base was being destroyed).

No hard feelings against Anir, but don't make slanderous claims if you don't have all the facts please.

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18 days ago
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Seems like we have another DErankChesti admin experience here...

Poor mods casting does happen sometimes, not all admins are FIrankAdminAlcur.
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18 days ago
FRrankLordOfTrolls: Eh? All LUrankAdminAnir is alleged to have done is say CArankRedEagle_P1 was spec-cheating. And this, as far as I'm aware, was done with his player hat on, not his mod hat.

I don't see how this thread contains grounds to claim LUrankAdminAnir is a bad mod.
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I know LUrankAdminAnir enough to say that i dont think he would go all in on this without holding sincere beliefs that something is going on. The game with capture units sounds.. interesting if valid. I've watched the replay as well (at least until the end of the drama) and can say that something did seem a bit odd.

I will say I think LUrankAdminAnir could cool down a bit. It isnt the wisest thing to present oneself like that. Though what we have at this point is essentially nothing but he said she said with some oddities thrown in from one replay

As per the modaction part of this discussion: Admins typically do not act singularly. A ban or action is discussed. When most of the evidence has piled up over months and has vacated the server problems are encountered.

If youre truly Innocent, you should hand over your local replays for Investigation. This would help with your image.
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The stretch from what's written in the first post to what's written in the title is a good example of, uh, lets call it ffa communication.
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