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Any tips for playing big team games on small maps

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23 months ago
When the map is a little too small for the number of players is there anything notable one should do differently? Any strategies which work well for this?
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lob tip

in the menu you can set a hotkey for 'vote resign'. it is ctrl + A -> ctrl + D by default, but I set it to ctrl + H
i don't think there's a lot you can do in small maps. it's just general chaos when there's 32 crammed into 2-4
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23 months ago
mostly raider spam tbh if a map is to small then alot of the time the eco aint to good either, you just wana spam raiders till your backline players setup some singu/fusion and any riots that your opponent puts out would be considered a large investment cause of said bad eco so making 2-3 skirms just for countering riots and nothing else is what i would do
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23 months ago
also choosing a cheap factory would be of great help i like going cloaky/rover sometimes shields on low eco maps cause they do good for their relatively low cost
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23 months ago
One thing I've learned from Firepluk himself is this: When playing on small maps, it's easier to rush something big, as the enemy has nowhere to run.

From my personal experience, definitely don't try to sneak around with cloaked units. There are way too many enemy units running around and there is almost a 100% chance of your cloaked things getting caught, and killed.
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23 months ago
Silo works well in small maps. Wait for perfect targets like a Tremor, Lance or Cerb, then hit them.
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23 months ago
Widows + impalers/silo eat coms on small maps xD
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Artillery spam, tech into Strider, make superweapon slowly, take 20mins to lose/win.

This is the most degenerate part of ZK.

Forget about manuevering, small map means everything can reach your raiders in a short time, so they are simply a metal donation.
Stay back, let artillery do the work. Rushing in, even with combined forces may just end up with a large metal donation to the enemy.
Make porc, hide it in Iris so enemy needs LoS to hit it, terraform so its harder to get LoS on, keep a small mobile army to hit any scouts. Favour Gauss if under heavy artillery fire. Iris keeps mobile army hidden, so they won't get targeted unless fired on by Firewalker.

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23 months ago
or you can attempt to master skuttle. the possibilities to doublekill or more are elevated on small maps.
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23 months ago
Here's the best strategy from yours truly.

This is secret tech, so don't tell anybody, ok?

1) Get a team that is keen to work together.
2) Spam units that are good value for money like Ogre or mass Fencer
3) support swarms of units with commanders and push early
4) Advance on the enemy as a whole group, not as cheap extras in a karate movie attacking the hero one at a time
5) Wait for the enemy to resign as you mangle them. Laugh as you pass their half-built roach ramps.

Things not to do:

1) morph backline commander while your pals fight out front
2) rush singu if you are a blue or purple player. That's lobster work; your skills are needed at the front
3) run your special project that involves making strder hub, then athena then storage silos and then sneaking athena to the enemy rear to create a secret base. The frontline will have long collapsed by the time you are halfway done. Save that for huge maps like Lost.
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In a small map means little metal which means everybody is slow like turtle. People could do two things, one is to pool together for one big unit and the other is to play individually. Personally I always play individually.

Playing individually, I always see a common problem which is team hate to build radar plane. In a tiny map, radar plane is a huge plus as having vision means knowing what units enemy have which means you can build units to counter those units. Likewise, having vision also means you can avoid fights that you can't win, engage enemy knowing they are weaker and allies could assist you knowing there's incoming.

Depending what allies build, you tend to want to have range units on tiny map but also enough frontline to prevent unexpected zerg assaults. Silo napalm can be useful if enemy build a lot of wind or low health things like nano
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