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Why does !predcit posted from spec show to players?

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34 days ago
This is annoying in FFAs when spectators seek to influence the game by using !predict to communicate with players.
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I'd like to see it reimplemented as a lobby only command that prints out the expected teams with a "match quality" being min(teamprediction)*2 * 100 .. "%" something like:

Predicted game quality: 100%
Team 1: Shaman, Shaman2, Shaman3
Team 2: Shaman6, Shaman4, Shaman5


Predicted game quality: 75.25%
Team 1: Shaman (2x comm), Shaman2
Team 2: Shaman3, Shaman4, Shaman5

An example from site:

-> Predicted Match Quality: 52.2%
Team 1: USrankRiposteR
Team 2: ROrankizirayd

-> Predicted Match Quality: 94.6%
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I guess the predict code is so basic that that was simply not considered during makeing of it.
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32 days ago
Because there is little infra development. We may be better off removing it completely. Or perhaps making it PM the player.
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The player list could calculate win chances from the player elo which would generally be better ux than a hidden command. This would also account for resigned players which the command can't. Then we can do away with the in-game command entirely.

If anyone wants to implement that feel free to ask me for help with the math.
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16 days ago
Why not just only disable !predict in FFA games?
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Or perhaps making it PM the player.

This seems like a considerably better solution than just plain removing. As in, "Why can't I see what the machine thinks my chances are?" and "Why does everyone else have to see them (the stats) when I ask for them?"
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