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Pacifist Challenge

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Recently, I wondered how non-lethal can I make an army, and how effective it would be. So far, I have the current setup:

Starting factory: Spiders
Start the battle with spreading fleas all over the map. The fleas are strictly restricted from attacking. This lets me see the advancements of the enemy's forces, as well as enemy eco.

Build a stardust at own base to delay enemy advancements.

I will not be making a lot of assault units, so I have to rely on defenses.

Available "combat" units:
Venoms, Widows (Spider factory)
Dominatrixes (Rover factory)
Knights, imps (Cloakbot factory)
Moderators, jugglenauts (Jumpbot factory)
Racketeers (Shieldbot factory)
Gnats (Gunship factory)
Thunderbird (Plane factory)
Scorpions (Striders)

Available defense:
Newtons & Faradays, early stardust, starlight

Soon after setting up the base, the hard part comes... which is to deal with the fact that the opponent's units will be in the pacifist's base, uncontested.

The main objective is to reach a stalemate.

As a bonus objective, if there is a fail state, it is allowed to try and "escape" with all the remaining units, usually with transport.

It's fun! But it's very difficult to do anything. I am looking for some... tips, because I know this will be a very hard task to complete.
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10 months ago
Current status:
Strengths: The enemy is unwilling to engage in combat
Weaknesses: Upon hitting a critical mass, the "pacifist" has no anti-crowd weapons besides fragile venoms and imps
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10 months ago
Don't forget Imp (Cloakbot) and Limpet (Amphbot) and Shockley (silo).

Also another idea is to use toughest unit to absorb damage (Halberd?)

I think you can try to compute if you can reach a stalemate: per metal spent how much you can "stun" versus "attack". Ex: would racketeers value of a unit be able to stun any unit? Then you have to consider long range arties...(which you can't stun)
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10 months ago
done http://zero-k.info/Battles/Detail/1704484?

probably the easiest way

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10 months ago
yup, very opop
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10 months ago
Endings unlocked:
"Early assimilation"

(for fun hahah)
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[Message deleted]
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10 months ago
New discovery: The venoms synergize well with dominatrixes. Venoms can keep the pesky raiders & skirmishers at bay, dominatrixes are great at guerilla warfare.

The newtons are effective at keeping enemies away from key points, even if there are just two forts with 2 newtons.

The faradays are fine at slowing down advancements everywhere else, where mass newtons aren't viable.

That is as far as I got.


My new endgame is to either fill the map with solar panels, to build a starlight for "negotiations," and/or to build detriments.
The first mission is good for team games, the second is good for duels, the third is good for FFA.
Lore-wise, either the robots make the planet green through agriculture (solars), the starlight is used to assassinate all those who wish malice (but easily destroyed by any rebellion), the detriment is used to spawn a new player, to commemorate the fallen one.
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10 months ago
Venom damage is a bit of a problem. I tried Venom to ward away raiders followed by Domi spam with TB support. It did fairly well but didn't manage zero value killed. I would want to make a unit states preset to set almost every to hold fire, and get a widget for area reclaiming live units. I thought such a widget was in ZK but I couldn't find it.
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10 months ago
Yeah, it seems to be impossible to "stunlock" raiders without causing damage.

A temporary fix for this issue is to assume that venoms' damage is... paralyze damage hahah, meaning that glaives that fall in the venom land go to sleep. We will assume that they don't mind it, and that they're taken care of the moment they're cared for!

Plus, glaive wrecks are possible to resurrect, further lying into the idea that "venom damage =/= casualty."

Same applies to knights, scorpions.

We will assume this is a "nap" doctorine.
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10 months ago
I like the goal being a completely flat Value Destroyed line. At the end of the game, so fog kills still count. If something really janky is found about this approach then the rules can be patched. I forget whether Wind Generators can generate value killed by this metric.
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10 months ago
If something really janky is found about this approach then the rules can be patched

I think Jugglenaut kills still count as "accidents", so it's a question of whether that would be against the spirit of the rule.
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10 months ago
Good point. Moving enemy units with the intent to cause damage (Juggle, Lobster, transports) should be aggression. If anything dies due to being moved like this it should count. A unit that jams itself up against a wind generator and falls into lava due to the explosion shouldn't count, unless the explosion itself kills the unit and that kill registers on the value destroyed graph.
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9 months ago
Solar farms seem to be good at slowing down enemy advancements, as well as gather eco. However, they are still a passive tool, and they cannot punish greed.

So far, this seems like a cool idea for a mini-faction.
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8 months ago
wait, I swapped war with conquest
what have I done
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