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Cape_Violet_V1 Featured

By [teh]Beherith (mysterme@gmail.com)

4v4 map by [teh]Beherith
Size: 20 x 10


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A mixed water map with lots of hills and income. There are two geos on each side. In the middle of the map, there is a large crossing that's shallow enough that almost all units can pass, including fleas, but excluding seawolves.

There are a lot of mountains bordering the water, but still some small beaches for amphs and hovers to pass through. The depth of the deep water can vary a fair bit, as it can be pretty deep in some places. The atmosphere reminds me a bit of Sparkle's Reef.

Vehicle pathing is spotty in some places but playable and about equal for each side.

Has default startboxes, which seem fine. Mex incomes are a bit noisy.
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3 years ago
Will have to look at it for featuring.
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3 years ago
Pathing looked mostly ok. There were a few blips on the ramps for vehicle pathing and the terrain is generally flatter than it looks. Featuring for testing.
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3 years ago
Shogun is actually too big to cross mid on its own.
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