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Sparkles Reef v1.01 Featured

By Sparkles

A water map
Size: 10 x 10


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2 years ago
Really pretty map!
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Not sure if this is a problem with Corsair or the map, but it's very finnicky for Corsairs to fire at the geo spots, the south one especially. The way they path to the geo often prevents them from firing even though there doesn't seem to be obstruction when you eyeball it, so you usually have to manually wiggle them around a bit. It also appears to happen with Cutter.
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24 months ago
The minimap doesn't really make it clear where the water is.
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24 months ago
Imo it's very clear where the mountains and where the land is. On land maps there can be very different ground colors for the same kind of pathable land
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24 months ago
I'd think the combination of loading into a game and taking a 3 second glance at the map, and a brief cross analysis of the minimap should be more than enough to form a concrete and lasting impression of where the water is.

More than happy for you to generate an alternative minimap. Incidentally, one of the gimmicks for this map was going to be an old world style parchment minimap, but I didn't have enough time before release to make that look good.
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10 months ago
I think the feature shader is causing issues for the reflection rendering on the dev engine.
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