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PlanetWars events

Time Event
10 hours ago USrankKingtactics34500 joins clan RC
13 hours ago GYranksultankassim3rd joins Federation
26 hours ago CNranknanouf joins clan AEON
26 hours ago CNranknanouf leaves clan Poi
26 hours ago CNranknanouf joins clan Poi
33 hours ago PLrankChudy joins clan PIS
33 hours ago New clan PIS formed by PLrankLucioperka
33 hours ago PLrankLucioperka leaves faction Empire
33 hours ago USrankuhlmorgan2 joins Dynasty
2 days ago USrankGalaxies joins Empire
2 days ago USrankteentitansgohomee joins clan Nobu
2 days ago Clan SK reformed by IErankSkuZzi
2 days ago IErankSkuZzi joins clan SK
3 days ago Clan EM moved to faction Federation
3 days ago New clan EM formed by USrankEmeraldLime
3 days ago USrankDaddyDonald leaves faction Dynasty
4 days ago RUrankSinon228 joins Empire
4 days ago USranklittlebone68 joins clan Ghost
4 days ago USrankTexasTornado330 joins Empire
4 days ago New clan NTSMRF formed by RUranktratata
4 days ago DErankhardz joins clan Ghost
5 days ago USrankHirorim joins clan zfx
5 days ago New clan Ghost formed by USrankRedRage
5 days ago TWranktkc joins Dynasty
5 days ago ZArankPafuriZA joins Empire
6 days ago USrankFireblaze66751 joins Empire
6 days ago CArankGalamesh leaves faction Dynasty
6 days ago CArankGalamesh leaves clan TheGBC
7 days ago CAranksmallketchup82 joins clan Nobu
7 days ago USrankElectricboogoloo joins clan Tootie
8 days ago PHrankDullahan joins clan Nobu
8 days ago USrankVeince joins clan Nobu
9 days ago MXrankVelkan joins clan Nobu
9 days ago USrankLennyTheLing joins clan Nobu
9 days ago New clan Nobu formed by USrankFateful_Sword
10 days ago SErankLarza joins clan Fists
11 days ago USrankno1clipper leaves clan BLISS
11 days ago NOrankSuperyard leaves faction Federation
11 days ago NOrankSuperyard joins Federation
11 days ago USrankMadWaffles was elected for the BLISS role of Clan Leader  by a vote, replacing USrankno1clipper - 1 for, 0 against
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