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The profile page has been designed with a focus on intuitive graphical elements.

The pages are styled depending on the color of your in-game rank, following a theme of black-body radiation. A cosmic object has been attributed to each color.

Instead of relying on fixed rating thresholds, rating colors are defined by your gaming skills (calculated by a specific algorithm called WHR, similar to Elo) expressed as a percentiles of the player base. Rating colors can only be gained or lost after holding one's position in the new percentile for multiple games.

Here is a list of the rating colors:

Examples Color Theme Percentile
Gamma ray Singularity Top 1%
X-ray Neutron star Top 5%
Blue white Supergiant Top 10%
Bright yellow Giant Top 20%
Orange Subgiant Top 40%
Red Red dwarf Top 60%
Dark red Brown dwarf Top 80%
Infrared Nebula Everyone

The rank level itself is defined by the accumulated total time spent in game.

Here is a list of the ranks, with color Orange:

The progress bar "Level XXX" shows your rank level. It is also dependent on total time spent in game.

The progress bar below it shows your position with respect to the next cosmic object (in other words, how far you are from the next color, which is dependent on your gaming skills).