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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.8.10.0
Engine version: 104.0.1-1544-ge1f249f
Started: 22 days ago
Duration: 61 minutes
Players: 29
Bots: False
Mission: False
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21 days ago
This was the greatest game I have ever participated in. It took 3 super weapons to win and had the saddest detriment ever.
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21 days ago
Oh, and there was also a Detriment somewhere?

In the midline it was epic confrontation of shields and tremors with catapults, I even didn't have time to check other lines.

On the top water line our guys fight quite successfully, even made a step at enemy beach. But at the bottom ground line, it was really unbelievable how mates held such massive attacks.

But in overall it really was historic massive battle of years. The guys who left the game early missed really much. Hope there will be such great battle in future!
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21 days ago
The detriment was in mid actually, it was built and the south west corner of the bridge. It was stuck behind a caretaker and instead of self destructing the caretaker he self destructed the detriment.
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21 days ago
Oh, sounds sadly, so it was most history Sadtriment ever. Wonder where left side got so much resources? We received 6+ nukes from them, they build Detri, later they built DRP and even Zenith beside it. And we have nothing super agains as I saw, only lone Bertha somewhere...
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Detriment is trash, never build it.

In late lobsterpot game you don't even need a counter, it has not enough DPS and HP and gets melted almost by anything...
Neither does it have maneurability/speed to evade/run away from the battlefield.
20k metal delivery, the only use of this "technological mistake" is a walking and armored nuke when you can afford one, but because it's so painfully slow everyone just runs away when it's about to explode... and in the end enemy ends up with minor damage and a tasty wreck for him to reclaim to finish that -not so trash- DRP/Meteor/Starlight
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21 days ago
I agree RUrankFirepluk. A better strider assault unit would be 20K in Hermits, aka 125 Hermits.
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20 days ago
Most of the people on the bridge were making units. I am sure that I had at least 20k worth of shieldbots on the bridge and we also probably had more than 20k of artillery on the bridge.

Imagine having 5 more merlins on the bridge. We definitely could have made progress with that and 5 merlins are cheaper than a detriment.
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20 days ago
RUrankizirayd carrying so damn hard.
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