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What sold you on ZK?RUrankAdminikinz1203 days ago
Goddes replay analysis videosSErankPLT_Godde34119 days ago
Campaign Feedback - Gunships, Skuttle, Firewalker and AthenaAUrankAdminAquanim782 months ago
Campaign Feedback - Planes, Artillery and ScorpionAUrankAdminAquanim1003 months ago
Campaign Feedback - Basic CloakbotsAUrankAdminAquanim1185 months ago
Vote to split Teams - All Welcome into 2 smaller teams rooms?USrankyanom926 months ago
Opinion on absolutely no spec talk?USrankCliver5410 months ago
Old New Player OpinionsUSrankmaxzero2212 months ago
Zero-k ultimate guideunknownrank1RAVEn2216 months ago
Install directory shenanigansUSrankcommanded618 months ago
MM WHR CrashesUSrankDave[tB]2121 months ago
Is Zero-K just clusterfucks now?DErankDAKADAKA112 years ago
My opinion of this game has changedGBrankMrTumnus592 years ago
Seperate Metal and Energy StorageUSrankstrikeshadow232 years ago
WHR and the website are conspiring for higher accuracy!USrankAdminSteel_Blue82 years ago
Party members not always in same teamUArankMechanID23 years ago
About ban of FireplukRUrankizirayd933 years ago
Beyond All Reason websiteUSrank[GBC]1v0ry_k1ng343 years ago
Party lltsUSrankfloomby523 years ago
Wreck valuesBRrankManored283 years ago
Licho's developer diaryCZrankAdminLicho2573 years ago
BAR got mention in a youtube channel AUrankSortale63 years ago
Challenge - option for MM 1v1 games?FIrankTiptushi63 years ago
Reaching a WHR amount where the game is no longer funDErankManu121183 years ago
Teams room rearrangement trialAUrankAdminAquanim1083 years ago
Hangups preventing adoptionCArankStrife40k313 years ago
Matchmaking is brokeUSrankstrikeshadow143 years ago
Clan wars, again?unknownrankShaman544 years ago
Teams All WelcomeUSrank[I]amNot[null]Bla1664 years ago
Teaching new players when kind words dont helpFIrankKapy1004 years ago
Page of 10 (272 records)