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Title: [A] Teams All Welcome
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.11.11.6
Engine version: 105.1.1-1821-gaca6f20
Started: 2 months ago
Duration: 61 minutes
Players: 16
Bots: False
Mission: False
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2 months ago
see, we did not surrender and managed to turn it around.

it happens
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2 months ago
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2 months ago
well, 87.5% of your team was silver or above.
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2 months ago
Did USrankDisavowedW resign have anything to do with the turning? (sincere)
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2 months ago
One player resigning can make it easier on the team.

Someone possibly has to control more stuff (unless that player was wiped out), but the team's eco is split among less, so you have to coordinate a little less.

Did that tilt the game? Probably not.
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2 months ago
Don't think so.

The west team also had their lowest rank resign and it was much earlier, just 6 mins in.

west started with bad attrition but then evened it out, it kept about 20% eco lead through most of the game.

I kept losing my lances for the first half of the game, but got a composition going later in the game once i got area shields and east nuking west's air bases about 25 mins in also helped.

about 40 mins in, west starts producing a zenith, but didn't commit much to it.

At 50 mins in, west had 3 palas owned by NLrankMSPR, 2 of them south and they also had an 20k+ metal shieldball in the middle (mostly artillery, though). They went south but were cut off by east side's two paladins and some cyclops that came from the middle. 1 minute later both sides lost a paladin in the exchange.

50:50, east starts producing odins and west's zenith is at 47% with at least 2 players investing on it.

56:00, west's artillery shieldball endured on the south, but the paladins moved north to intercept east's attempts to push back. At this point the west's zenith was at 81% and east had 5 odins. West had about +50% lead in total value.
1 minute later, the odins had gone across the southern edge then north and killed 3 of the enemy singus, almost reaching the superweapon in the north west, but falling short.

there was lots of back and forth but the 20something minute nuke and especially USrankPurePainCannon's raid with odins 57m were decisive moments where things turned. West still finished the zenith about 59 min in, but we were pushing north south and center and they were falling apart. The northern pushed killed the zenith a minute later.

Interestingly, east never went for a superweapon and west never went for berthas in this battle. East had two berthas.
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Zenith was a huge mistake.

It should have been silo when the palas were out and getting pressured by the berthas. Silo'ing the berthas would have releived that pressure.

Also nothing stopped west from getting a bunch of odins and just bomb running all the eco, which is what east did somehow.

It was west's game to lose, by FAR, and we did.

EDIT: And by the way the zenith was never killed. It just got depowered.

I need to watch the replay because I'm not so sure the game was lost yet. I was making spam to handle the cylops. If the cyclops got handled and the zenith was repowered, I am not so sure the game would have ended this way. It may still have been an east victory with another pass of odins. It may also have been a west victory with zenith and some spam support. The team saw the singus explode, the cyclops roll in and just resigned instantly. It happened so fast, I didn't even notice the vote was casted.
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2 months ago
It was interesting how sudden it was.

East near simultaneously lost an enormous 25k arti-shield ball (blerg, why is this meta? :( ) to a snitch drop (AA is important!), a wounded Paladin to an ulti, three singus do an odin attack (which actually only barely made cost) and another Paladin to a Cyclops squad.

Another thing worth noting is the insane amount of total value in the form of arti (and to a lesser extent arti support like shields). About two thirds of the army value on both sides was arti or shields for the arti (with USrankSOLSheldon's Cyclops squad being a large portion of the remainder).
I've noticed this seems to be the case for most lob pots.
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2 months ago
IMO artil shield is what all lop pot games evolve into because of mainly two factors. The first is it's very hard to raid when there are so many commanders on the map. The second is some players don't make units. They just pick a spot, far or near, and porc it to high hell.

You could open with skirm, but then the other side who opens with coms to protect against raiders, porc and straigt to artil just beats you in attrition right away.

I mean, consider this. In lob pot, plopping hovers and making a lance as your first unit is actually totally legit so long as only 1 / a few of you do it... and that's INSANE in pretty much any other setting than lob pot.

The most common case for taking ground and losing the game is overcommiting and giving the other team a lot of reclaim, which doesn't happen with artil.

It is hard to, as a team, identify that enough of a lead was captured and, again as a team, transition to a game ender without feeding. But when you do, you end up with one team that doesn't have enough eco to make an army big enough to break the lines, and the other side just porcing in their face and converting all army to artil.

Outside of a few exceptions (mainly recluse and moderators), skirm useful lifespan is excessively short. Set aside the occasional well coordinated push, assault heavy armies are prone to breaking the line and quickly having to retreat because of revenants... and there is always a revenant spammer per team if not two.

What do you end up with? Artil AA shield.

It's not that other strategies are not possible or viable. It's that concinving other players to participate in a push is really hard to do. People are set in their ways and do pretty much the same thing they did the previous games, and the outcome is almost more determined by which players end up on which side... with the occasional team composition of all back row players getting blown out with push into early silo by the team of all aggressive players. Or, the team of aggressive players feeding the back row team and getting stomped by a nuke/striders/super rush.
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I suspect a full team of "lets all make ravager and charge simultaneously in the north" would utterly stomp any 8+ player lob pot team from any past game. :D
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