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Title: Zero-K: All Welcome
Host: CZrankSpringiee
Game version: Zero-K v1.3.6.3
Engine version: 98.0.1-451-g0804ae1
Started: 7 years ago
Duration: 27 minutes
Players: 20
Bots: False
Mission: False
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7 years ago
#skuttle on reef and leviathan killed both but left the levathan at alive at 0 HP. (dunno if it was still able to move or take action as i had no vision after that and we lost -.-)

anyway, skuttle refused to jump sea, targeted shallow water edge at terraformed canal. isnt this supposed to be working, to jump enemy units? i mean ok leviathan is under water, but reef was also not able to be jumped on.
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7 years ago
Jumpers still can't jump onto impassible terrain. This includes the sea.
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7 years ago
its dangerous to replay from server. take this:
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