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Matchmaker Map Rotation (Aug 2023)

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New poll for August 2023: https://forms.gle/xgp9BQTj9Ev7ADQDA

Original post in spoiler:
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2 years ago
I'll take this as a kick up the arse to see if I can smooth out some of the issues with Mecharavaged, though forgive me if it takes a bit.
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
Cobalt Dream, Fallendell, Sertaleina, Scaryland, Vantage, Red Comet, Fairyland, and Titan Duel are all pretty clearly popular still.

Desert Rumble, Frosty Cove and Wanderlust are a bit less liked but still moderately popular. Dune Patrol seems to be very polarising but with more likes than dislikes.

Ravaged, Crubick Plain, Intersection and Anvilwood are borderline.

Frostburn and Izki Channel are more disliked than liked, although there is still a segment of the playerbase that is not hydrophobic.


Of the borderline maps, Ravaged was already planned to be replaced by Mecharavaged. I'd like to bring Trojan Hills back in and it's a pretty large map, so it can replace Crubick Plains in that sense. Anvilwood's gimmick may be starting to wear thin and I think it has a better chance of making a return someday if it is not done to death now. I could maybe be convinced to rotate something else over Intersection.

There still seems to be some value in having a sea map in MM so we have some idea of what the 1v1 meta looks like; it is easy enough to ban a single map if you don't like water maps. Shimmershore has not been in the MM pool for some time so perhaps it gets a turn now.

With the above in mind my current thinking is:

Ravaged -> Mecharavaged
Crubick Plains -> Trojan Hills
Frostburn -> Faultline
Izki Channel -> Shimmershore
Intersection -> Random Plateaus
Anvilwood -> Doldrums
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2 years ago
Could we have one of fairyland and scaryland at the same time? They are fairly similar maps, and it might be nice to have a little more variety?

The proposed new maps look like pretty solid choices.
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Could we have one of fairyland and scaryland at the same time? They are fairly similar maps, and it might be nice to have a little more variety?

The trouble is they're both pretty good maps.

Having said that and flicked through the 1v1 map list, comments on replacing Fairyland for this rotation with Mercurial? Or any other suggestions of a map in a similar genre. (In this case we can rotate between Fairyland and Scaryland in the future.)

Edit: I'll leave it at the six changes above for the time being, but willing to consider future discussion re. Fairyland and Scaryland.
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2 years ago
I would be good with mercurial as a replacement for one of the 'lands, so that we can keep one of them more or less always in the rotation and not potentially getting bored of both of them at once later.

Alternatives might be vittra, tricy run, or desert plateaus. None of those are super similar to fairy/scary design-wise though.
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I guess it is time for this again. August 2022 poll:


Candidates for (re)addition: Reptilian Battlefield, Altair Crossing V4, Rainbow Comet, CrossRoads, maybe revisit maps like Eye of Horus, Anvilwood, etc
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Wrapping up the poll now. I don't feel like doing a bunch of image editing to make the graph look nice. Average map scores:

Cobalt Dream: 3.9
Vantage: 3.9
Red Comet Remake: 3.9
Mecharavaged: 3.8
Wanderlust: 3.7
Fallendell: 3.6
TitanDuel: 3.6
Fairyland: 3.6
Random Plateaus: 3.5
Scaryland: 3.5
Faultline: 3.4
Doldrums: 3.4
DunePatrolRedux: 3.2 (with a lot of 3s)
Sertaleina: 3.2 (with a lot of 3s)

Desert Rumble: 2.9 (lots of 2s and 4s)
FrostyCove: 2.6 (with a lot of 3s)
Trojan Hills: 2.5
Shimmershore: 2.2

I suppose the obvious course is to rotate out the latter four maps, one of Fairyland/Scaryland, and possibly one of DunePatrol/Sertaleina.

I think with the next map rotation we plan to reset everybody's matchmaker map bans, so keep an eye out for that. (There are a lot of bans of maps which haven't been in the map pool for ages, so it's not very useful to us as data at the moment.)
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23 months ago
We can't have fairy and scary in the map pool? :( I like these style of maps (and both scored well) and I feel they play more differently from one another than the group of flat land maps.
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I don't personally feel strongly either way about whether Fairyland/Scaryland should coexist in the pool. Perhaps it would be useful to have a wider discussion.
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18 months ago
Seems like time for another rotation. Poll of existing maps:


New maps which seem viable for 1v1:
Crystallized Plains
Skate Park
Sparkles Dry
CrossRoads (I think this is meant to be the missing 18th map in the current pool?)
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18 months ago
is it possible to get the gecko isle BAR remaster into zerok? and maybe put it in the map pool :P
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18 months ago
Is this it? https://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/63093
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18 months ago
Is this it? https://zero-k.info/Maps/Detail/63093

Yeah, thats the map
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Average map scores:

Fallendell: 3.8
Scaryland: 3.8
Random Plateaus: 3.6
Faultline: 3.6
Vantage: 3.6
Mecharavaged: 3.5
Doldrums: 3.5
Fairyland: 3.5
TitanDuel: 3.3
Cobalt Dream: 3.3
Red Comet Remake: 3.3
Rainbow Comet: 3.2

Wanderlust: 3.0
Eye of Horus: 2.9
Altair Crossing: 2.3
Reptilian Battlefield: 2.2
Aurelian: 1.9

One point is that Eye of Horus is pretty polarising, with very few 3 votes. That would cause me to lean a little more towards retaining it, since some people quite enjoy it and the others can ban it. Difficult to see what to take out in its place, though. I suppose that if we were to add the new, very metal-heavy iteration of Gecko Isle then that would fill the spot of Eye of Horus fairly well.
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17 months ago
Made the following changes:

Out - Wanderlust, Eye of Horus, Altair Crossing, Reptilian Battlefield, Aurelian
In - CrossRoads, Sparkles Dry, Skate Park, Crystallized Plains, Gecko Isle Remake v1.2, Izki Channel
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Out - Wanderlust, Eye of Horus, Altair Crossing

My favorite maps in the pool aside from Fairyland, makes me sad
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17 months ago
I expect Wanderlust and Eye of Horus to return at some point. Altair Crossing seemed pretty unpopular, though.
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10 months ago
Seems like time for this again.

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