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Barbary Coves v2 Featured

By Bluestone

18 x 16, made by Bluestone.
Size: 18 x 16


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7 years ago
Not bad. Layout seems solid, shallows are passable to all ground units. Ships can go everywhere in water but subs can only go though the middle crossings.

Texture just looks like all his other maps.
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Lay out looks interesting indeed.

Interaction between land and see should be interesting.

Starting locations might be too easy to protect though.
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7 years ago
hella ugly heightmap though
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7 years ago
I don't think that the bases would be too easy to defend because it would not take long until there were crusaders attacking. Generally I quite like it as a map, hovers may be a solid choice for grabbing and holding the two islands in the middle.
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7 years ago
Those huge walls might be a bit of a problem for hovercraft, just saying. Maybe enough to make amphs something more than a beating bag for both ships and hover.
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2 years ago
Supported seems ok.
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23 months ago
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