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The Lucifer is a long-ranged defensive structure effective against large targets.

Lucifer (turretantiheavy)
Tachyon Projector - Power by connecting to a 50 energy grid
Cost 2200
Hit Points 6000
Vision Radius (elmo) 780
Grid link range (elmo) 50
Armored Form
Reduction (%) 75%

Can ignore unidentified targets
Tachyon Accelerator
Damage 4000
Reload Time (s) 10
Damage per Second 400
Range (elmo) 1200
Instantly hits


Inside the heavily armored shell of the Lucifer lies the devastating Tachyon Accelerator. This fearsome weapon is capable of delivering pinpoint damage at extreme ranges, provided you keep it connected to a power source. Remember that the Lucifer is strictly a support weapon; leave it unguarded and it will be swamped with raiders. When under attack by long range artillery or bombers the main gun can retract to reduce incoming damage to a quarter.