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Title: [A] Free For All
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.7.8.4
Engine version: 104.0.1-1344-g07bdbaf
Started: 52 days ago
Duration: 2 hours
Players: 11
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 8.6%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 0.4%

Team 3
Chance of victory: 0.1%

Team 4
Chance of victory: 10.3%

Team 5
Chance of victory: 13.9%

Team 6
Chance of victory: 12.2%

Team 7
Chance of victory: 10.9%

Team 8
Chance of victory: 13.2%

Team 9
Chance of victory: 1.7%

Team 10
Chance of victory: 15%

Team 11
Chance of victory: 13.7%


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52 days ago
Starting to hate FFA because of the lag in this game. Good job RUrankizirayd, coming back from the ashes was fine for you :)
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52 days ago
If you guys want me to cast this game please tell me :).
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52 days ago
Ah i would have loved to play this... So sad...

I think a 2h cast might be a bit long. dont you think?
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I can take it...it's up to you guys if you want it. I also have to test the game so no lag will occur if I cast it. Will do this test tomorrow to see if it's castable (I have I5 6600K and it gets laggy on that kind of map)
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52 days ago
Well i would like a cast then :D
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52 days ago
Poor ROrankForever was using ally chat the entire game and didn't realize it... :o

Also, it's amazing how much it's possible to come back when you have Athenas and no one bothers you for a while... (not that you can actually win like that though)
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You can win like that GBrankdyth68, that's how RUrankizirayd had the comeback.
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52 days ago
izi was doing fine, its unsurprising that in a 1v1v1 the guy who isnt fighting wins
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52 days ago
You seem to underestimate the trouble I was giving poor little izirayd, Kingstad. I was always thinking he was a bigger threat because I seriously thought you were dead and he took your spots.

UltraGodzilla was unfortunately caught in too much crossfire for too long early on. I may have spent too much time fighting izzy instead of contesting Forever south. And I never felt safe to eco because at 40 mins I became the man in the middle, unable to make moves in the direction I wanted to.
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52 days ago
I'm just saying he must have been doing 20x better than Dyth, and me for that matter
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I can't cast this one with my current CPU...it's too laggy.
It was actually kind of sad that lagging in this match made some of us lose focus, at least from my end. Could have micro-managed things way much easier if these CPU problems won't be present :( (I have I5 6600K).
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I dislike how Funnelweb spam can now symmetrically counter Missile Silo and Scylla.

Defending your superweapon used to be an exercise in paranoid control of anything that could shoot tactical missiles at the static and expensive target. Now you just have to make some funnelwebs, knowing that they beat Scylla and Silo for cost.

Of course, an enemy Starlight can also kinda kill your Starlight. However:
- This is nowhere near a counter even when it works because you have to invest at least the same amount of money
- Your Starlight also counters his Starlight.

Of course the whole concept of a superweapon is that nothing is superior to it; it totally should transcend the rock-paper-scissors system. An ideally run Starlight before Funnelweb started countering Silo was still invulnerable by the virtue of having terra walls around it, a bunch of shields to stop Quakes, and aggressive territorial control to suppress launchers from being able to reach it.

However, i find the previous system was more difficult to maintain, and thus more fragile and interesting. In the current mode, the state-of-the-art superweapon defense system has much fewer moving pieces and way lower complexity.

It would be cool if there was some way to very efficiently drain these shields even when stacked.

(I have I5 6600K).

They sell i9's now; my laptop with i7 was able to almost catch up.
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51 days ago
"They sell i9's now; my laptop with i7 was able to almost catch up."

:( will buy an I7 soon
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EErankAdminAnarchid: An low cost Funnelweb shield drainer would delete Funnelweb. A mid cost one is called a Bertha and a high cost one is a Starlight.

What you actually want is something that penetrates Funnelweb shields or quickly drains them (e.g. Shockley's doing 2x current shield damage).

There's a possibility this particular complexity reduction may make things more fun once the meta stabilizes.

btw: I'm still playing with ideas for solving the layered shields defeating recharge delay issue. There's lots of things that work from a purely balance perspective, but they all run into complexity and intuitiveness issues. A random example:
Recharge reduction proportional to Funnelweb shield overlap with the shield that's in cooldown. I think that's too hard to explain and represent to players.
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An low cost Funnelweb shield drainer would delete Funnelweb... What you actually want is something that penetrates Funnelweb shields or quickly drains them

I consider these things to be the same.

Also, i don't think Bertha counters Funnelweb in the superweapon defense scenario.

- A single 3k cost Funnelweb has 23k of shield. A 5k cost Bertha shoots a 2k projectile every 7 seconds. It will take the Bertha 11 shots to wear the Funnelweb enough to penetrate it on 12th. This will take 77 seconds. Meanwhile, it will take the shielded superweapon about 20 seconds to roflcook the Bertha.

- For each additional Bertha you deploy, the opponent can deploy a cheaper Funnelweb.

I guess something that did massive damage to all shields in area would work. Something like a really souped up shockley, or maybe a teleported / sneaked / ramp-thrown / etc emp-nuke tank. I guess the latter would mainly drain the shields by stunning them, which would cause total charge loss and some downtime.

Scylla being able to shoot Shockleys could be a credible threat to a funnelballed superweapon, but much less critically - since each FW would still stop three of these.

Hmmm. Something that could almost work is Reef.

A Reef disarm missile does 15000 disarm damage for 150 metal; this does 1/3 damage to shields, netting 5k per hit. This is actually two times better cost for damage than Shockley, which deals 30k->10k for 600m. 4 missiles from one Reef will drop a Funnelweb shield's charge below Eos/Scylla threshold, all from a mobile and cloakable platform.

The only thorn here is that Reef's missile has a laughable range of 900 (vs Scylla's 3000). This is actually lower than Lucifer and Cerberus, so the probability of the Reef living to fire 4 * numberOfFunnelwebs missiles from this range is pretty slim. How about buffing it by 233% to match Scylla?

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EErankAdminAnarchid I haven't seen reef used for long... so buffing its range will be good. I strongly suggest buffing it's range more than Scylla because it's just disarming...not stun

How long until you guys realize we need modular units :D? Or at least some extent of modular units.

Making each type of big unit in-game chose what kind of missile/bullet to produce will be interesting.

Bertha with AOE napalm/slow/disarm/emp bombs
Scylla with napalm/slow/disarm/emp bombs
Reef with napalm/slow/disarm/emp bombs

Eventually making units pick what kind of bullets/missile to produce will solve some unbalance problems.
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Eventually making units pick what kind of bullets/missile to produce will solve some unbalance problems.

I fear that would introduce just as many problems. One of my pipe dream concepts for Reef though is it being able to choose different types of drones.

it's just disarming...not stun

Disarm is equal to stun for statics. Even merely Scylla-range Reef will probably see use on land maps as a lobster-assisted mobile platform for stunning antinukes.

I think this is okay. :P
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I don't know...but clearly Zero-K has tons of potential in terms of developing new ideas :).

For example, we can even make a weapon/bomb/unit that sets the time speed for a specific area moves 100% slower acting like a time bomb. Of course, we already have the slow movement speed from the outlaw but won't compare to something like this.

A time bomb that slows projectiles/units/factories/missiles/nuclear bombs etc in a slow-motion state will be interesting.

Making things more interesting...giving that specific unit to slow down the speed even more, to the point where everything is almost stopped will bring interesting tactic.

Just imagine you attacking with bertha...enemy shields are up but because the shields regenerate you use a time bomb. Place that time bomb in the area where the bertha bombs fire...they get stuck there and when you cluster 100 of these bullets you just remove the time bomb from there :). Immagine 100 bertha bullets that travel one after one in a location, they just brake everything there.

We can even develop this thing further by introducing time fast forward technology where units move faster in that specific area. The ideas are plenty...but I am just dreaming right now.
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50 days ago
+1 to the idea of reef missile range buff, maybe not quite that far but nobody ever uses the darn thing so
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49 days ago
Reef already has 3000 range on the missile.
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