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Windgenfarm Guide


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  • How-to: Select a builder, pick a windgen from the build list, hold ALT SHIFT, draw a rectangle
  • Build them on mountains in the rear of the map.

How to build a windgen-farm?

First use Z and X to choose how many tiles of space you want to use between wind generators. Z increases by 1, X decreases by 1. By default spacing is set to be 2 tiles. As a general rule, the more space you use the less damage your wind generators deal to adjacent ones when they explode. Use one or two tiles if you are low on space, otherwise three is a good number. The maximum spacing should be four tiles - any bigger and wind generators are not linked to a single grid. Note that ground builders can not move through windgen farms if you use one tile of space and that they will have trouble pathing if you use two.

Now select a builder and pick wind generator from the build list. Hold down ALT and SHIFT, then click and drag a rectangle with your left mouse button. It will be filled with wind generators.

Note: You can adjust spacing using X/Z while drawing the rectangle.

Where to build a windgen-farm?

Wind generators produce energy based on global wind strength and local wind range.
  • Wind range is based on altitude. Higher altitudes increase the minimum but not the maximum number. This means that wind generators on hills and mountains have a minimum range higher than 0. If you don't want to spend too much time figuring out whether or not to build wind generators, a simple rule could be: Make sure the minimum wind strength in the placement tooltip is close to or above 1.

  • Wind strength is a number that randomly goes up and down over time. The minimum means the lowest range number on each wind generator is used, the maximum means they produce a full 2.5 energy.

Wind generators are fragile. They have very little hit points. This means that big farms of wind generators require a safe place - often the rear of your team's starting box. However very high altitudes can be reason enough to risk building them on mountains closer to the enemy.

Keep in mind that sufficiently high minimum wind strengths make wind generators more cost efficient than Fusions, Geothermal Generators, in rare extreme cases Singularities and even Advanced Geothermals!

Locations perfect for windgenfarms:
Rear high ground on EscarpmentRear mountains on Tempest and Tempest DryHigh ground on Tuckedup

Rear and northern spawns on DeltaSiegeDryNorthern mountain on IsisDelta

Northern and rear plateaus on RustyDeltaRear on FolsomDamDeluxe and FolsomDamFinal

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