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Zero-K 2v2 Tournament 8th of October 2016

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2v2 Tournament to be held on Saturday 8th of October 2016 at 1000 UTC.Check in at 0930 UTC

Supreme Champion: NLrankBlackdutchie + ROrankSigero
Worthy Adversary: AUrank4hundred + @zenfur
Maybe Next Time: AUrankAdminGoogleFrog + PLrankOrfelius

Tournament rule.

Swiss match to determine top 4 teams. Swiss starts with a random match-up, then players with similar scores play against each other. Depending on the number of players, it could be 4-5 rounds. Each match is on a random map in the map pool. After that, it's single elimination.

We have a 15-30 mins break in between format.

Single elimination games are best of 3 matches. The first map is a designated map in the map pool, then the defeated team chooses a map from the map pool.

Tournament Reward:

1st Prize will be first pick of 1 steam key from a selection + 100 kudo.
2nd Prize will be 2nd pick of afore mentioned selection + 90 kudo.
3rd Prize will be last pick of afore mentioned selection + 80 kudo.

Steam keys list:
Hitman Absolution: Elite Edition

The Walking Dead: Season 1 + Season 2 + 400 days


Last Word



Paper Sorcerer

bit Dungeon II


Frostmarch DLC

Participation award:

As suggested by FIranksprang a random pick of players who is not in the top 3 but participated in all the swiss matches would be given either 50 kudos or steam key.

Kudos to USrankCapricis for the steam keys

Match Rules:

Each Swiss match will last 25 min or 1 team resign whichever come first. At the 25th min, which team have twice the opponent units in metal win. If no team had this advantage, the game continues for another 5 mins, in which time whoever get the twice units winning condition win. If at the half hour mark, none has the advantage, it's a draw.

The Single elimination matches have a time limit of 30 min [with 5 mins extra]. Similar rules as above. If there is a draw, a time extension of 15 mins would be provided. If there is still a draw, a random coin toss would be used to determine the winner [or one side could accept defeat in a display of sportmantship]. In such case, we acknowledge that both participants are equal in skill and all this is just because the tournament must continue.

Match behaviour:

To foster a sense of sportsmanship [As requested by certain Devs], we ask that each official game start with both teams say a polite greeting to acknowledge a fight between equal.

[ The same system happen in all sport/game match e.g. MMA fight have opponents touch gloves before fight, taekwondo Olympic match have opponents shake hand before match, Shogi have opponents bow to each other before each match,…]

No name calling or disruptive behavior is allowed in the match. The team that violated this rule, forfeit the match.

About players who have to leave due to justifiable reasons or was unintentionally disconnected, the game can be paused for a small amount of time [<3 mins]. Any longer pause would need the consent of his opponent.

The teams, that are 10 minutes late or no-show, forfeit the match.
Post game analysis and congratulation are encouraged but not required.

Win or lost decision will be what both teams agree on.

If any member of any teams in the match disagrees, the decision will be on the Arbitrator.
Match replay link should be recorded for future complaints.

To join tournament's chat channel to arrange matches type “/j #zktourney” in lobby chat

Current Arbitrators include AUrankSortale , @_Shaman. We may need more so others are encouraged to join, any Devs or community member with good standing will do. Arbitrators are not allowed to be participants.

Map list:

Living Lands
Lonely Oasis v1




Map list for Swiss round:

Bracket Link

Swiss round Link
Single Elimination round Link

Participants list

AUrankAdminGoogleFrog + PLrankOrfelius
EErankAdminAnarchid + ILrankhokomoko
AUrank4hundred + @zenfur + ( GBrankcortezthekiller )
NLrankBlackdutchie + ROrankSigero

Live stream:

https://www.hitbox.tv/Shadowfury333 or https://www.twitch.tv/shadowfury333

Cast link:

Swiss round 1
Swiss round 2
Swiss round 3
Semifinal 1
Semifinal 2
Bronze Match


Since this tournament uses a new format, participants are encouraged to exploit the time limit to their advantage.
Overpowered strategies are also tolerated. This is to encourage players to find counters to these tactics.
If these tactics are uncounterable, this will send a strong signal to the Devs to re-balance.

I hope everyone can enjoy experience and willing to give me feedback so I can improve for the next one.

Last tournament lasted roughly 8 hr from start to finished, I expect the same for this one.

Join by posting comment below.

Good luck and have fun.
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I'm free to cast. Twitch & Hitbox as usual.

Also, AUrankSortale, please put in the rules that the tournament starts at 10AM UTC (as in, that's the cutoff and when subs come in), and people are to check in starting at 9:30AM UTC. The last tournament ran loads smoother because of that.
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4 years ago
I doubt I can play in this but I might show up in lobby 1hr before the start and look for a partner.
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4 years ago
Each Swiss match will last 25 min or 1 team resign whichever come first. At the 25th min, which team have twice the opponent units in metal win [in building units don't count, nuke in silo don't count, metal count base on spec widget (unless someone make a better widget)]. If no team had this advantage, the game continues for another 5 mins, in which time whoever get the twice units winning condition win. If at the half hour mark, none has the advantage, it's a draw.
This looks like a copy paste. I wrote a good widget for running this rule, even though I disagree that the rule is good.
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4 years ago
*voluinteers as arbitrator and politely asks CArankAdminShadowfury333 if I can commentate with him
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4 years ago
RUrankParzival: Okay, do you know where the Spring mumble is? I usually use that for co-commentating.
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4 years ago
I have mumble, but whats the address? Is it still mumble.zero-k.info?
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I am open to suggestion, as long as we can put a cap on the game time somehow.

By the way have I thank you for the widget? if not then thank you very much.


Thank you for joining, looking forward to working with you again
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4 years ago
RUrankParzival: It's now springrts.com:64738. mumble.zero-k.info has been down for over a year.
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4 years ago
K, thnx
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4 years ago
Everything else aside, now i want to replace surfboard's model with of course i still love you.
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4 years ago
Any more sign ups? I suspect we get most of our players on day of tourney tho.
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4 years ago
I there a minumum ELO/Level to participate?
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4 years ago
nope everyone welcomed
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4 years ago
nope everyone welcomed

Then I'm interested in joining the tournament.
Thank you.
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nope everyone welcomed

Then sign me up with my buddy PLrankOrfailius
Argh you weren't supposed to take the bait. I just wanted to do a witty comeback :|
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4 years ago
I'm in! I already set the alarm!!!!
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4 years ago
I'll arbitrate as usual.
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3 years ago
Signing up as EErankAdminAnarchid + ILrankhokomoko.
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3 years ago
Someone interested in partner with me in the tournament?
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