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The Caretaker is a static constructor.

Caretaker (staticcon)
Construction Assistant, Builds at 10 m/s
Cost 180
Hit Points 500
Vision Radius (elmo) 380
Build Power 10


The most cost-effective source of buildpower, the Caretaker is ideal for increasing the output of factories or automatically repairing nearby defenses. It cannot start any construction projects itself, however.

Tips and Strategies[edit]

When using a Caretaker to assist your starting factory, having one Caretaker for each 10 Metal income is enough to make full use of your Economy in the early game. Before building a second caretaker, it's better to raise your metal income with Metal Extractors and Overdrive.

Once your factories are producing units and your metal supplies are still rising, that is a good sign that your economy can support an extra Caretaker.

For an economy that has more Build Power in its factory (10 BP + 10 per Caretaker) than Metal/s income from Economy structures, additional caretakers will not have a source of metal to build with. In this case, another caretaker will not help you build any faster when your stored metal runs out. A high Build Power factory can even start competing for resources with other constructors, slowing their production.

Remember that you cannot spend more resources than you actually have.