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You can select your units with your mouse, with your keyboard or both.

Simple click, select what you click on
Double click, select all same units/buildings on screen
Box select, select all inside the box with highest selection rank

To manage your selection you can; Right click a unit in the selection window to remove it from the current selection.
Shift right click will remove all units that are like the one you click on.
Shift + selection command will add any thing to the currecnt selection

Selection Rank

Selection rank is what decides which units will be selected when doing a box drag over multiple unit types such as fighters, constructors, buildings.
There are 4 selection ranks 0,1,2,3.
0 is unused, 1 and 2 are for buildings and constructors, 3 is for fighting units.
When doing a box drag over units with different selection ranks, only the units with the highest rank will be selected.
You can see a units selection rank as a large grey number on the side of the command menu; generally fighters are 3, builders and factories are 2, caretakers and defence are 1.
You can change a units default selection rank in the in game settings, for example commander set to 2 will avoid accidentaly cancel building queues or killing your com by issuing commands that were meant for your army.

You can bypass selection rank this by holding shift while dragging, you will select all units/buildings in the box.

Default selection rank are customizable trough the ingame settings.


There are multiple Hotkeys to help with selection:

  • Z, Selects idle builder, press repeatedly to cycle trough
  • Ctrl B, Selects all idle constructors
  • Ctrl C, Selects commander
  • Ctrl Z, Selects all units that are the same as the one you are currently selecting
  • Ctrl X, Selects all units that are the same as the one you are currently selecting, that are visible
  • Ctrl I, Removes non-idle units from your selection
  • Ctrl E, Removes all units that are above 30% HP from your selection
  • Ctrl A, Selects everything
  • Ctrl G, Selects Raptors
  • Ctrl F, Selects all mobile non-builder units
  • Ctrl S, Selects Owls
  • Ctrl T, Selects Transports

Factory selecting hotkeys are as follow;
Your first factory will be on Alt+Q, the second factory you build will be on Alt+W and the next one on Alt+E .... and so on

You can select missiles from the Missile Silo by either clicking on them, or by selecting the Silo and pressing D.

All of the above are editable in the settings menu.


Autogroups are your custom selection hotkeys that you can set up on the go.
You can find how to do so on the Hotkeys page.