Solar Collector

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The Solar Collector is a basic, early-game source of energy in Zero-K.

Solar Collector (energysolar)
Small Powerplant (+2)
Cost 70
Hit Points 500
Energy (E/s) 2
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Grid link range (elmo) 100
Armored Form
Reduction (%) 75%


Solar collectors are the least cost-efficient of the energy structures, but they are also the most reliable and sturdy. When attacked, solars will curl up into armored form for 8 seconds, which reduces incoming damage to a quarter and offers excellent protection against raiders.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Solar Collectors are a safe and stable source of energy in the early game. Build chains of Solars between your mex to set up Overdrive. More information can be found on the Energy page.

Note that the Wind/Tidal Generator is always better than the Solar Collector in terms of power produced (see For the math). Thought the Solar Collector is far sturdier and can take far more punishment.