Solar Collector

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The Solar Collector is a basic, early-game source of energy in Zero-K.

Solar Collector (energysolar)
Small Powerplant (+2)
Cost 70
Hit Points 500
Energy (E/s) 2
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Grid link range (elmo) 100
Armored Form
Reduction (%) 75%


Solar collectors are the least cost-efficient of the energy structures, but they are also the most reliable and sturdy. When attacked, solars will curl up into armored form for 8 seconds, which reduces incoming damage to a quarter and offers excellent protection against raiders.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Solar Collectors are a safe and stable source of energy in the early game. Build chains of Solars between your mex to set up Overdrive. More information can be found on the Energy page.