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2v2 Tournament 6th August 2022

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Hello again Zero-K community,
I am organizing another Tournament, this time a 2v2 tournament for August 2022!

Let's see how many teams we can get!

Date and Time

Start time is 18:00 UTC, Saturday 6th August 2022.

Please be online 10 minutes before so that I can already check who is there and who is not. > otherwise the tournament start may be delayed.

This time is morning-to-midday in America, evening in Europe and early Sunday morning in Asia.

Be aware the tournament is likely to run for a few hours.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to write me!


Countdown timer
JPrankQrow's Stream
DErankiwantusername's Videos.
Replays at the end of this post:🠗🠗🠗




Round robin or Swiss followed by tiebreaks. It depends on the number of full teams/. <(That does not mean that if you lose 2 games that the tournament is over for you two.)


Map Pool

Subject to change.
Selection principle of the maps:
1 Map given: X
2 Maps given: X
3 Maps given: In each round the first team listed in the room bans a map, then the second team picks one of the remaining maps.


How to sign up?

Sign up with a team and a teamname below this thread!
for examble: " DErankHoppili + unknownrankChomolungma = Lobsters". Or if you don't have a complete team (2) yet: "I'm searching for 1 person to create a team with me".

Note: a registration of a complete team consists of at least 2x player name + team name.

If you don't have a team register anyway then you will be put on the "unassigned players list:" and people who don't have a team will contact you or you will contact people on the "unassigned players list:".If this is not the case by the start of the tournament I will divide these players fairly into teams.

If you show up at the last minute you/r team might or might not get in, depending on the number of teams and whether anybody needs a partner.


*GNTC BFTR C__Y*USrankNiarteloc, USrankDave[tB]❌-Signed off.
Peewees on hillsGBrankPRO_rANDY, NLranknr1_rANDY_FAN
The Firepluk Cultists@Lightzerve, USrankSkrid
*ducks all day*USrankGogorilla37, USrankSkybutnotreally❌-Was not available not even online.
BibozshmihiRUrankDanWarior, RUrankKaNej
Helvetica StandardunknownrankChomolungma, USrankAdminSteel_Blue >, USrankNiartelocUSrankAdminSteel_Blue had to go (after the first round) so USrankNiarteloc replaced him.
EnderUSrankLMetal, DErankBeatBreaker❌-Too late
OmaraiLTrankTheVisitor, LTrankVidmantukas
MeanDErankHoppili, ROrankForever >, DErankmayxiROrankForever did not show up so DErankmayxi replaced him.
the peaceful skuggsNOrankskuggmodzer0, NOrankskuggtheother
Dead Botsunknownrankn0ddz, CArankDarksteal132 >, DEranktiziangriegerCArankDarksteal132 wasn't there, thats why DEranktiziangrieger replaced him.(as mentioned before)
Horsus MaximusGBrankPRO_Dregs, DErankManu12
UnknownTeamNameGBrankTechAUmNu, PLrankrookstoo
... ... ...

unassigned players list:

GBrankTechAUmNu✔- Created the Team "UnknownTeamName" together with PLrankrookstoo.
PLrankrookstoo✔- Created the Team "UnknownTeamName" together with GBrankTechAUmNu.
DErankmayxi✔- Joined Team "Mean" because ROrankForever Was not available; not even online.

*means a problem with your team name; reply to my PM please.



Tiebreaks / Finals

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23 months ago
USrankNiarteloc and USrankDave[tB] will be joining as a team. Team name (for now): GNTC BFTR C__Y
+2 / -0

23 months ago
GBrankPRO_rANDY & NLranknr1_rANDY_FAN as team: Peewees on hills
+2 / -0
23 months ago
DErankHoppili, if you wish to use the tournament server I can give you admin rights.

Also, I probably won't play in this one, but I will likely stream it.
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+2 / -0

23 months ago
DErankHoppili, add @Lightzerve and myself to a team.

The Firepluk Cultists have returned.
+4 / -0

23 months ago
Will still be abroad at this time, cant make it
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23 months ago
I'm searching for 1 person to create a team with me GBrankTechAUmNu
+4 / -0
23 months ago
Gogorilla37+Skybutnotreally= ducks all day
+1 / -0
im in, also looking for +1

GBrankTechAUmNu you can be my 1 person anytime

+3 / -0
me, aka DanWarior, and KaNej will be participating as a team. Team name is Bibozshmihi
Fear me lobs.

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22 months ago
No, you fear the Firepluk Cultists :)
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Team: Helvetica Standard

+3 / -0
Sadly can't play, also not available tommorrow!
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22 months ago
Mate:LMetal + Me:BeatBreaker = Team:Ender
+1 / -0
22 months ago
LTrankTheVisitor and LTrankVidmantukas in team Omarai
+3 / -0

22 months ago
I'm searching for 1 person to create a team with m
+1 / -0

22 months ago
Me and DErankHoppili
+1 / -0

22 months ago
NOrankskuggmodzer0 & NOrankskuggtheother => the peaceful skuggs
+2 / -0
I will play in the tournament you can put me on the unassined playerlist but please dont pare me up till the last second because I may join N0ddz team if his first choice cant play!
thank you ;)
Im now In noddz team so im no longer available!!!
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