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PlanetWars events

Time Event
3 hours ago PHrankbodysnatcher joins Empire
5 hours ago USrank4n7ix joins clan BBAT
6 hours ago DErankTKMH joins clan AW
12 hours ago SErankSweWolfcsgolivecom joins Empire
12 hours ago Clan I moved to faction Empire
13 hours ago PLrankConrad_I was elected for the I role of Clan Leader  by a vote - 1 for, 0 against
13 hours ago New clan hyrule formed by DErankdmt
14 hours ago NLrankeijsvogel joins Empire
16 hours ago LVrankStomax joins Federation
20 hours ago ATrankxxRezipro joins Empire
20 hours ago ESrankhokomoko_test leaves clan Mean
20 hours ago ESrankhokomoko_test joins clan Mean
22 hours ago New clan CFD formed by USrankLerris
22 hours ago AUrankMereslann joins clan 13
22 hours ago AUrankMereslann leaves clan CFSM
25 hours ago USrankThree joins clan BBAT
25 hours ago USrankzaar_of_russia joins clan BBAT
31 hours ago DErankplayers_are_expendable joins clan Mean
31 hours ago DErankplayers_are_expendable leaves clan Mean
31 hours ago DErankplayers_are_expendable joins clan Mean
37 hours ago NLrankFlorisXIV joins clan TheGBC
38 hours ago FRrankCapPopaye joins Dynasty
42 hours ago Clan BRLN reformed by DErankCraLing
42 hours ago DErankCraLing joins clan BRLN
42 hours ago BRLN is disbanded
42 hours ago DErankCraLing leaves clan BRLN
45 hours ago RUrankVovanikys joins clan SC
2 days ago USrankFealthas leaves clan Econ
2 days ago USrankMusashi_Tenrai joins clan VOS
2 days ago New clan VOS formed by CArankDoucheFlute
2 days ago USrankSoMuchforSubtlety leaves clan LE
2 days ago IErankraptorrex333 joins Federation
2 days ago USrankheyfisher1981 joins Federation
2 days ago USrankrommel1488 joins clan Gods
2 days ago DKrankBarastam joins clan BR
2 days ago USrankMycor joins Empire
2 days ago RUrankyrapant2000 joins clan d
2 days ago VNrankfraise140 joins Empire
2 days ago HKrankwayne joins clan d
3 days ago BRrankErickSantos joins Federation
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