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PlanetWars events

Time Event
8 hours ago RUrankKArsenei2005 joins Dynasty
16 hours ago USranko_o joins clan LS
16 hours ago USranko_o leaves clan BORING
25 hours ago BRrankGENERAU3 joins Empire
26 hours ago RUrankviton joins clan SC
2 days ago USrankDishonoredkiller joins Empire
2 days ago USrankTheFamousJennF leaves clan TRIBAL
2 days ago USrankih8yogurt leaves clan TRIBAL
2 days ago USrankIvetticus leaves clan TRIBAL
2 days ago USrankMrChickOStick leaves clan TRIBAL
3 days ago USrankfenrave joins Dynasty
3 days ago SGrankFiona leaves faction Federation
3 days ago Clan ENL moved to faction Empire
3 days ago USrank1467 joins Federation
3 days ago USrankApex69 joins Dynasty
4 days ago USranko_o was elected for the BORING role of Clan Leader  by a vote - 1 for, 0 against
4 days ago IDrankStilwel joins Federation
4 days ago IDrankStilwel leaves faction Empire
5 days ago RUrankizirayd joins clan TMNL
5 days ago USrankinkboy0215 joins clan ARM
6 days ago RUrankMishaspb joins Empire
6 days ago BRrankLdrMech88 joins clan d
6 days ago DErankTheagle joins clan LS
6 days ago New clan LS formed by DErankSolarius
7 days ago DErankSolarius leaves clan SWW
7 days ago Clan LoL moved to faction Federation
7 days ago New clan LOL formed by DErankSolarius
7 days ago USrankSanguineGeneral joins Dynasty
9 days ago RUrank[3D]Lerain joins Dynasty
9 days ago ZArankCrazyWolf joins Federation
9 days ago ROrankMightyHydra joins Empire
9 days ago LVrank0Darkness0 joins clan d
10 days ago RUrankStarRhino leaves faction Empire
11 days ago ITrankThomas1 leaves clan TMNL
12 days ago New clan NoGF formed by FRrankGodart
12 days ago RUrankizirayd leaves clan TMNL
12 days ago FIrankterve886 joins clan XCOM
13 days ago DErankrome2 joins clan BM
15 days ago INrankAAR18 leaves clan Galaxy
15 days ago INrankAAR18 joins clan Galaxy
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