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PlanetWars events

Time Event
6 hours ago CHrankTaaam joins clan gang
9 hours ago unknownrankCristula13 joins Empire
25 hours ago MYrankxponen leaves clan ISP
36 hours ago DErankgerand leaves clan Mean
3 days ago BGrankSteliyan96 joins Empire
3 days ago ITrankThomas1 joins clan TMNL
4 days ago BYrankdark_gf joins clan TMNL
4 days ago FRrankTelfisaki joins Federation
4 days ago CHrankTaaam leaves clan gang
4 days ago CHrankJulian7 leaves clan gang
4 days ago GBrankAckaltz joins clan LOOK
4 days ago GBrankAckaltz leaves clan LOOK
5 days ago USrankHun_Tzu leaves faction Federation
5 days ago ZArankAstran joins clan TMNL
5 days ago ZArankAstran leaves clan VFP
7 days ago BYrankIPcorp joins Federation
7 days ago DErankJust4FUN joins Federation
9 days ago IDrankStilwel joins Empire
9 days ago GBrankbombman joins clan TMNL
10 days ago CArankRejectedFish05 joins Empire
13 days ago ARrankskayland2332 joins clan IFox
13 days ago ARrankmahoutsukai joins clan IFox
13 days ago New clan Outlaw formed by ARrankdew_
13 days ago USrankRandomX joins clan XCOM
14 days ago USrankGamingcentral joins clan Mean
14 days ago USrankGamingcentral joins Federation
14 days ago New clan bml formed by GBrankjamiebear2004
14 days ago USrankSpade joins clan BBG
16 days ago New clan ESK formed by GBrankHarryboa
16 days ago GBrankHarryboa leaves faction Empire
17 days ago PLrankHawk132 leaves clan EIG
18 days ago USrankMrZergon joins Federation
18 days ago GBrankHarryboa joins Empire
18 days ago CZrankLoocheenchancz joins clan Mean
19 days ago New clan FU formed by USrankExperiancedL
19 days ago SErankZnack was elected for the ahc role of Clan Leader  by a vote, replacing DErankChesti - 2 for, 0 against
19 days ago New clan DKorp formed by USrankTREXHero
19 days ago USrankTREXHero leaves clan BR
19 days ago DErankgerand joins clan Mean
20 days ago USrankJawasoup joins clan DoD
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