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PlanetWars events

Time Event
19 hours ago NLrankDudePersius joins clan MC
19 hours ago MYrankNewbiepasbarua leaves clan MC
19 hours ago CArankNewbieiGavin leaves clan Green
20 hours ago New clan NaVi formed by UArankNapoleonShata1soN
20 hours ago ITrankNewbieMeatball joins Hegemony
28 hours ago SGrankNewbieSpaceAids leaves clan d
2 days ago DErankDudeTiger1999 joins clan d
3 days ago New clan ZKW formed by CArankNewbiegoogle
3 days ago USrankNewbieDawsinn joins Hegemony
3 days ago Booty is disbanded
3 days ago CArankNewbiegoogle leaves clan Booty
3 days ago CArankNewbiegoogle joins Rising
3 days ago New clan Booty formed by CArankNewbiegoogle
3 days ago RUrankNewbieLingFoo joins clan Banan
4 days ago FRrankNewbieKahotiix joins Rising
4 days ago RUrankNewbieBattlecrown joins Hegemony
4 days ago DErankDudemm19 joins clan LEM
4 days ago DErankDudemm19 leaves clan RURA
4 days ago New clan LEM formed by DErankSoldierJummy
4 days ago DErankSoldierJummy leaves clan RURA
5 days ago PLrankNewbieKoniko joins Rising
5 days ago USrankNewbieGreenLantern101 joins clan RHoM
5 days ago DErankNewbieflx joins clan AW
5 days ago USrankNewbie[BM]Parzival was elected for the BM role of Clan Leader  by a vote - 1 for, 0 against
5 days ago SCORCH is disbanded
5 days ago USrankNewbiexJordanx leaves clan SCORCH
5 days ago BH is disbanded
5 days ago DErankDudeSaandro86 leaves clan BH
5 days ago DErankDudeShadwo leaves clan BH
6 days ago SKrankNapoleonSvatopluk leaves clan BH
6 days ago DErankDudeSaandro86 was elected for the BH role of Clan Leader  by a vote, replacing SKrankNapoleonSvatopluk - 1 for, 0 against
7 days ago USrankNewbie[BM]Parzival joins clan BM
7 days ago USrankNapoleonSteel_Blue leaves clan d
7 days ago Clan BM moved to faction
7 days ago NLrankNewbiedionsmit joins Rising
8 days ago ROrankNewbieMajor_Obvious leaves clan INVADE
13 days ago DErankNewbiemoethemetaller joins clan AW
15 days ago IDrankNewbiehellatze joins clan d
15 days ago BRrankNewbiemaestrobr81 joins clan Hunter
15 days ago CHrankNewbiejrb0001 joins clan 3Serv
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