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| image = http://manual.zero-k.info/unitpics/factorycloak.png
| image = http://manual.zero-k.info/unitpics/factorycloak.png
| icontype = fackbot
| icontype = fackbot
| cost = 600
| cost = 800
| hitpoints = 4000
| hitpoints = 4000
| energy = 0.3
| energy = 0.3

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The Cloakbot Factory is a factory that produces cloaked mobile bots.

Cloakbot Factory (factorycloak)
Produces Cloaked, Mobile Robots, Builds at 10 m/s
Cost 800
Hit Points 4000
Energy (E/s) 0.3
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Build Power 10


Emphasizing guile over brute force, the Cloakbot Factory makes good use of stealth, mobility and EMP weapons to strike at the enemy's weak points.

The Cloakbot Factory builds:

Tactics and Strategy

Compared to units from other factories Cloakbots tend to be faster and cheaper, but have lower health and range. The specialist Imp, Scythe, Phantom, Gremlin and Iris units are cloaked (or in the latter case provide a cloaking field), allowing for more stealthy strategies. Cloakbots should use their mobility and stealth to attack only where and when they have the advantage.

Owing to its lack of tough, high-weight units, Cloakbots tends to become weaker as a factory used on its own in the late-game. Nevertheless, in combination with the raw strength of a different factory like Amphibious Bots, Heavy Tanks or Striders, the utility and subtlety of the Cloakbots remains very powerful.

Example Unit Combinations

Lay traps for groups of enemy units with Imps, then use Glaives to quickly destroy the stunned enemies.

Engage an enemy at long range with Ronins or Slings, while protecting them from faster units with Glaives or Reavers.

Use an Iris in combination units that inflict lots of damage but are slow, flimsy or short-ranged like Reavers, Roaches, Scalpels or Scallops.

Alternatively, use Charons to drop your Reavers near to vulnerable enemy units or structures.

Have some escort units standing by to protect your Phantoms if the enemy tries to find them.

Beating Cloakbots

In the early game, don't move your raiders in a tight group, or they may all be stunned by a Imp.

Make sure you are protecting your Commander and your infrastructure from Scythes. Have a few raiders standing by to deal with any cloaked threat that appears.

Try to avoid units which Phantom can kill efficiently. Instead, use units which are too strong for a Phantom to kill in one or two hits, or units which are too cheap and spammable for the Phantom to kill fast enough.

In general, try to avoid a large dependence on static defences, since these will be dealt with easily by Slings and Phantoms. Instead, try to force a direct fight between your army and theirs. Unless you charge directly into Reavers, your army probably outclasses a Cloakbot army in such a fight.