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Campaign Feedback - Rovers, Faraday and Puppy

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This thread is for feedback for the following campaign missions, initially released Sunday 12 November 2017:
  • Happika: Unlocks Rover Assembly, Mason, Scorcher, Ripper, Ravager
  • Cadentem: Unlocks Fencer, Badger
  • Baosezu: Unlocks Impaler, Crasher, Dart
  • Ganong: Unlocks Dominatrix
  • Skokukur: Unlocks Puppy, Placeholder, NOT Jumpbot Factory
  • Estann All: Unlocks Faraday, Thresher (turretaaflak)

Useful feedback you can give us includes:
  • Did you experience any technical difficulties? (If so, it would be great to get infolog, screenshots if appropriate, etc.)
  • What difficulty level did you play the mission on? (The options are Easy, Normal, Hard and Brutal.)
  • How difficult did you find the mission? (On a scale of 1-10 or something.)
  • Were the optional objectives all too easy? Too hard? (The aim is for each mission to have some easier and some harder ones.)
  • What were your biggest challenges in completing the mission?
  • Were the main objectives, optional objectives, and hints clear? Were they useful?
  • How enjoyable was the mission? (On a scale of 1-10 or something.)
  • Any other specific feedback about the mission.

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Known Technical Issues

  • Planetwars-derived structures used in some missions (including previous weeks) may not appear correctly. This issue should now be fixed, let us know if it reoccurs.
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Well im back and have done the new missions that i could (normal dif)

Happika: the mission was fun and i wasnt punished for the few units i couldnt stop fun 8/10 dif 4/10

Cadentem: This mission was really good having alot of arti is fun fun 10/10 dif 5/10 (having an ai that helps you is very nice)

Baosezu: Anoying mission i used the commander to build some defences hear he was under attack and then before i could look over he was dead fun 4/10 dif 7/10

Ganong: anoying i dont like that when you lose your capturers you lose everything you have got. fun 4/10 dif 8/10

Skokukur: Difficult mission because the ai reclaims alot and has allot of spiders fun 6/10 dif 6/10

Estann All: ....... i completed the mission (times 5 speed or something) had my commander next to the artifact didnt end the mission eventho i saw the mission complete screen and the the mission lost screen fun triggerd/10 dif 4/10
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5 years ago
Did your commander die after the "mission complete" sign? AFAIK that still counts as a loss.
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I've played Happika now and I'll take back any comments about the campaign being easy..

I've finished it on brutal but as you can see I didn't make the 6 minute objective. That's some nice defenses you put in that base. I should've probably read the briefing and the "kill mex to win" objective..

Fun 10/10: Gatorz!
Diff 5/7: porc allowed

Planet Cadentem on the other hand just felt like a boring slugfest. Spam badgers and win. I suppose that was the idea of the mission though. Giving the AI more defenses or units doesn't change the difficulty. One possible way of making it harder/more interesting might be the addition of a superweapon that has to be destroyed before it is completed.

Fun 1/5: felt like a team game
Diff 1/10: Spam badgers, win. The only challenge is in the first 3 minutes where you should make sure not to get overrun.
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5 years ago
Ganong: fun 15/10, diff 5/10.
Bonus point: changes fun rating of all other missions by +1, difficulty by -1

I've played the "kill dantes" mission after taking Ganong. I've kept all the Dantes.
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I suspect Estann All doesn't count mexes captured by domi, because I have 17 mexes and no bonus :(

Also, in Baosezu when I captured the amph fac I could build some amph units but in the zombie mission, captured facs couldn't build anything.
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Please, give me caretakers. I don't need impalers when I can have gators. Is there only one single optional mission giving me something as crucial as caretakers? It would be fine to have multiple ways of unlocking common units.

Fun 3/5: Slaughtering robots!
Diff 0/10: AI has no eco whatsoever and can be overrun with pretty much any unit on brutal

Suggestions: Add annihilators and hardcore terraformed porc, so there's some use for impalers. Give the AI a few dantes, they are fun to kill with ravagers. Give the AI at least 2 singus for eco.
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Just to check, you're playing the stable version? That was... not my experience of the Impaler mission, although it has changed over time so possibly my impressions are outdated.

I suspect Estann All doesn't count mexes captured by domi, because I have 17 mexes and no bonus :(

Most optional objectives don't. In theory they could.

Also, in Baosezu when I captured the amph fac I could build some amph units but in the zombie mission, captured facs couldn't build anything.

The zombie factories start as wrecks and become zombies. I guess different rules apply.
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5 years ago
I guess gaia doesn't have unlocks so you're not gaining access to them.
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AUrankAdminAquanim yes I'm using stable. Here's my replay.

As you can see my attrition was mostly around 80%, with me just spamming units at the AI and slowly building up porc, then finishing it off after having stopped the duck incursions.

If I didn't excess all that metal and spent just a little more time microing, this mission should've been doable with only slasher easily.
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Estann All (Brutal):
Who came up with this? I like the idea of replicators, but forcing me to fight through an AI and zombies in a short time frame while not losing any mexes is extremely annoying. I beat the mission in 8:50 with the required 16 mexes, but it took me two tries and I definitely don't want to do another one.

My commander kept getting stuck because of the terraform, costing me at least 15 seconds.

Diff 2/5: Micro your constructors to not forget any wreckages, make sure you don't get raided. Time limit is tight but doable.
Fun 0/42: Extremely annoying micro.
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Skokukur (Brutal):

Nice demonstration of exponential growth. Some extra wreckage would've been nice. Thanks to exponential growth I won after about 6 minutes.

Diff 1/5: AI can't take the logarithm of my growth.
Fun 3/5: Cute little puppies.

Critique: I didn't get to kill the enemy commander because my puppies were growing so fast they killed all factories before I got to kill the commander. It should be my choice whether I want to end the mission already or go for the bonus objective.
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5 years ago
The short missions are actually very fun. I like that the missions don't take long to complete.
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Ganong (Brutal):

Nice introduction by capturing TheGBC base. Enemy keeps feeding more and more tanks, I don't even know what to do with all those tanks. And then even bigger tanks :o

Diff 2/5: Need to do some basic dominatrix micro.
Fun 5/5: All your base are belong to us!

Now I'm sad I've already played all the other missions. I want some pet dantes too!
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5 years ago
Bleh.. Perhaps Circuit could be made a little more resistant to Domi by making it retreat anything that is over 25% captured.
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5 years ago
Badger mission: the briefing says Crab Gud but the spider ally does not actually have a Crab. I thought this was related to Brutal but it seems to be the case on the lower difficulties as well. I'd propose adding an ally Crab on Normal.
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- Cadentem (Easy): [Spoiler]
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Baosezu (Easy): [Spoiler]

Skokukur (Easy): [Spoiler]
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4 years ago
In Estann All, having converted Extractors (with mass Dominatrixes) does not seem to count towards the 16 required ones :/
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In general I think captured units tend not to count towards objectives. (The main exception is the Dominatrix mission itself.) Perhaps that could change.
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