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Campaign Feedback - Spiders and Ships

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This thread is for feedback for the following campaign missions, initially released Sunday 10 December 2017:
  • Quora Rosia Dyo: Unlocks Redback, Recluse
  • Hastus: Unlocks Hermit, Venom
  • Old Falsell: Unlocks Spider Factory, Weaver, Crab, Tarantula
  • Romolis: Unlocks Flea, Widow
  • Harsar Lief: Unlocks Shipyard, Mariner, Envoy, Cutter, Hunter, Zephyr, Urchin
  • Juliburg: Unlocks Corsair, Seawolf
  • Kayvillon: Unlocks Mistral, Siren

Useful feedback you can give us includes:
  • Did you experience any technical difficulties? (If so, it would be great to get infolog, screenshots if appropriate, etc.)
  • What difficulty level did you play the mission on? (The options are Easy, Normal, Hard and Brutal.)
  • How difficult did you find the mission? (On a scale of 1-10 or something.)
  • Were the optional objectives all too easy? Too hard? (The aim is for each mission to have some easier and some harder ones.)
  • What were your biggest challenges in completing the mission?
  • Were the main objectives, optional objectives, and hints clear? Were they useful?
  • How enjoyable was the mission? (On a scale of 1-10 or something.)
  • Any other specific feedback about the mission.

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5 years ago
Juliburg is impossibru even on Normal, not having air support forced me to cut map in the half by terra with small bottleneck opening in mid, then add Scallops to army, as hunter is fkin useless as counter to subs.
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5 years ago
Juliburg (hard): Wow, that is indeed quite hard. Restarted four times before i realized that a mission this brutal needed an equally brutal strategy: all-in attack with hunter-seawolf-typhoon on repeat from the first second (and only commander being allowed to expand for a while).

Still failed the time objective; even controlling 80% of the map and preventing enemy expansion, there seemed to not be any tools that would allow me to finish it quicker. Perhaps halberd spam could work? I tried halberding enemy eco in earlier attempts, but it just isn't enough if enemy is allowed a second of piece.
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Old Falsell (hard):

For every Crab i field which i am allowed to move without a throng of raiders sneaking and wrecking my everything, the AI fields two Grizzly, a Widow, and half of a Skuttle, plus a few Moderators and two Blackdawns. Or it feels that way, at least.

Clearly, Crabs alone won't cut it. Even if i manage to keep them alive, they take too long to kill enemy heavies. I have no Widows yet, so going directly for Grizzlies is hard. And enemy does use riots and raiders, so just Fleaing them to death won't work either.

And so i made a shielded domi ball. Three attempts: one got Skuttled before snowballing, another took over the amphfac but the enemy broke through on another front. Third time i managed home defenses more carefully with Crab spires and took over the world.

Is this really winnable on higher difficulties without domi spam?
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5 years ago
Haven't gotten far but I love the campaign so far. No spiders or ships yet sadly but I have run into an issue.
Tremontane, any difficulty, It says the map isn't there and it will download now. I click ok. Try the mission again and nothing. tried restarting the game and campaign, nothing. Still there. No other issues thus far though! Also, sorry if this is the wrong place. Just trying to get AA bots
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5 years ago
Campaign normal
Quora Rosia Dyo: Tiny short scenario with only two units to make but it gets the point across.
Difficulty: 2

Hastus: No strong feelings one way or the other. Tell my wife "hello"
Difficulty: 2. I reckon this mission could be done with only your com though.

Old Falsell: This mission is about grizzlies and how great they are vs heavy units.. Anyway walling off my corner of the map helped tons and after repeated attempts brawlers saved the day by being amazing, they didnt even have issues taking down flying AA.
Fun mission though. The frustrating fails was my own damn fault for sending my com to die.
Difficulty: 7. I am unsure how to rate the difficulty when I am not doing what the mission wants me to do, feels like cheating a bit.

Romolis: I like the premise but the catapults kept staying in porc so I made two crows that went behind enemy porc and won.
Difficulty: 3

Harsar Lief: Fun mission and well balanced bonus objectives that are slightly challenging. Yet again I switched to air though.
Difficulty: 4

Juliburg: I had a lot of fun with this one but actually won it in the first try, it just took a while as the enemy was like a cockroach and kept building new facs all over the place. NEVER ACTUALLY SWITCHED FAC as the thought didnt occur to me : P
Used all available marine (boats) units extensively.
Difficulty 5 Was never particularly close to losing and the bonus objectives seemed very doable.

Kayvillon: Again a fun mission with good bonus objectives although I failed the timer objective ten seconds before I should have.
Sirens are really powerful jack of all trades whos biggest fault I guess is being slow. Didnt fac switch.
Difficulty: 3
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Romolis (Hard): This was hard and alternatively very frustrating and very fun.

Difficulty: 8 /10 where 10 would be "CCR Macro challenge but with Circuits instead of CAI".
Fun: 7/10

It took me about half a dozen tries, counting raegquits (one when a random Merlin hit killed a Dominatrix that had two Scorps leashed, another when failing to capture the first Scorpion, one when a Scorpion shooting an ally stunned 5 Widows).

The mission provides intrigue and difficulty: While Widows solve the Scorpion issue as advertised, they don't solve the enemy having so much porc, and do nothing by their own to Merlins, and there are so many Crabs! Of course, you can try spamming Fleas to induce Merlin teamkill, but this is hardly reliable. However, you're given a hint to construct a second factory - the solution clearly lies there, as other factories have artillery (and some of them have Domi, so you can steal enemy Scorpions; others have Krows) - figuring out which of the other factories provides some unit or combination that lets you do all of the merlin-killing, scorpion-busting, defense-destroying, and crab-cooking is quite a puzzle (especially seeing how my go-to solution of "shielded domi ball" did nothing to the Merlin spam).

I like this mission a lot more than Old Falsell in that its optimal solution seems to a large extent be the suggested solution.
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5 years ago
Romolis: I played it on normal and it wasn't hard. But I think is not well designed for the spy at all. Merlins are an incredibly poor target for spies, Crabes and Scorpions are not much better, as they require two Spies to stun and Crabe utterly cleans up cloaked units and fleas with its AoE. I mean this has always kind of been a problem with the spy, that it's stun damage is juuust too low, partly due to it's com-killing power. Comm assassination would be a better target for spies, or just removing the Merlins and make it about cleaning up Scorpions and Dantes. Another great target for spies is the Luciver, Cerberus and to a lesser extent Desolator. Shields are a nice way to make artillery creep less strong, but they also happen to block a spy shot: Which feels real crappy.

You can also win this mission without killing all the merlins, just destroy the strider hubs is enough to trigger victory.
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5 years ago
Managed to complete Falsel on brutal w/o capcars. Was a huge grind, and there's no way I was also killing the fac in under 12 mins.

Took many tries.
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5 years ago
Thank you to everyone who developed the campaign missions. I have a question regarding when factories become available. I completed Leopard and unocked the airplane plane but when I start Juliburg the aircraft factory is not in my commander's factory build options. All of the other factories I have unlocked are available. Do some campaign missions restrict which factories are available or is this an anomaly? I really want an Owl for the sea missions.
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5 years ago
Leopard does not unlock the Airplane Plant. Each factory is unlocked by only one of the missions related to its units.
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The mission which unlocks the Airplane factory should be visible from Leopard.

The idea behind not always unlocking factories is that factories shouldn't be unlocked unless you have the basic tools necessary to succeed with them, and each unit only being unlocked in one location unless absolutely necessary. (Urchin is the only exception I remember offhand.)

This has resulted in some annoying compromises. Planefac not being unlocked by the Owl mission is one of the more annoying ones.

Other factories where this is likely to come up are Tank and Spider (where the factory unlock should be pretty easy to find) and Jumpbot (where the factory unlock comes much later). If you chose an unusual path through the galaxy I think most factory-unlock missions could be bypassed though (the exceptions that I remember are Cloaky and Ship).
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- Harsar Lief (Easy): [Spoiler]

Still, perhaps the ship missions would be better off restructured as so:

- Ships Introduction: Ships vs Hovers: [Spoiler]

- Ships clear the shores, and Ships vs Air: [Spoiler]

- Ships vs Amphbots: [Spoiler]
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- Quora Rosia Dyo (Easy): [Spoiler]

- Hastus (Easy): [Spoiler]

- Old Falsell (Easy): [Spoiler]
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4 years ago
Before I go for another attempt at Romolis, which was a tense battle for me, I want to let you guys know that the bonus objective of building 6 Widows is broken, since it never triggered when I had built at least 6 Widows, or even when I had at least 6 Widows on the battlefield at any given time.
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Sorry for offtopic:

USrankShadowWolfTJC I love that you post on forums and are active. Could you maybe post also TL;DRs of your posts in the future? Most of them are very long and thus intimidating to read (I'm not referencing the last post here).
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4 years ago
It's currently nine Widows, I'll fix it later.
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4 years ago
AUrankAdminAquanim: Thanks for clarifying. I somehow got this at a later attempt.

@zenfur: I won't guarantee that my feedback will be shortened, but perhaps I could organize them better through putting them in spoilers like the one below?

Romolis (Easy): [Spoiler]
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4 years ago
Yeah I think that helps. Less intimidating.
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Actually, since the objective is "build six Widows" rather than "have six Widows" and you start with three, the number nine is correct but the method of counting is not.
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