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The Picket is a light missile tower.

Picket (turretmissile)
Light Missile Tower
Cost 100
Hit Points 300
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Homing Missiles
Damage 104
Reload Time (s) 1.2
Damage per Second 87
Range (elmo) 610
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 750
Homing (deg/s) 330


The Picket is a light multi-purpose missile tower. It is good for sniping units from a distance, providing some degree of anti-air protection, and skirmishing enemy LLTs from outside their range. However, it breaks when you sneeze on it.


Most players use this building for early-game area control and to fight off low numbers skirmishers in the early stages of the game. You might build a few near your front lines as it has a large range and vision. This turret has very front-loaded damage( but low dps), which may make your opponent think twice before committing to entering that area.