Structure Placement

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SHIFT and SPACE work as normal for appending and inserting structure placement commands.

When placing factories (or other structures), their orientation can be rotated by cliking and dragging, or with [ and ].

Holding Q while placing structures will only place the framework, which will let the structure be completed later.

Placing Multiple Structures[edit]

Multiple structures can be queued with a single command by holding shift and left-click dragging. The shape of placement can be changed with additional modifiers. Press Z and X to adjust the spacing between the structures.

Hold SHIFT while dragging the mouse to place a line of structures.

Hold SHIFT+CTRL to drag a line of structures in the 4 cardinal directions. If holding the mouse over a building, it will surround that building with the selected structure.

Hold SHIFT+CTRL and click on a unit to queue a wall of structures surrounding the unit.

Hold SHIFT+ALT to drag a box of structures.

Hold SHIFT+CTRL+ALT to drag a hollow box of structures.

Structure Terraform[edit]

Terraforming can easily be queued before construction to put a structure on a spire or in a hole. There are various ways to issue this command.

Height selection mode can be entered as follows:

  • By holding Alt and using the mouse wheel during structure placement.
  • By pressing B during structure placement. Press C and V to adjust the height.
  • By holding down the left mouse button during placement (keeping the cursor stationary). Move the mouse and down to adjust the height and left click again to issue the command.

After choosing the terraform height, click to place the structure as usual to issue the terraform and construction command. Structure terraform does not support multiple structure placement but it does support queuing and insertion with SPACE and SHIFT.

See the Level Command for details on the available modifiers.